Asteroid 121725, Aphidas, is a Centaur-type outer-system asteroid which was discovered on December 13, 1999 by Carl W. Hergenrother at Whipple Observatory near Amado, Arizona. It has a period of 76 years, 205 days.

It was named for one of the Centaurs killed at the wedding of Pirithous, King of the Lapiths. Aphidas was hit by a spear thrown by the Lapith Phorbas while in a drunken sleep.

Astrologically,asteroid Aphidas signifies expressing individuality, acceptance/rejection issues, doing one's own thing, loyalty to family and group, provocation or provocativeness, criminality.

Controversial rocker Courtney Love, has Aphidas prominent, on the Ascendant; sextile Uranus and Pluto, square the Midheaven, trine Saturn and quincunx Hylonome. She was taken to her first psychiatrist at age four; diagnosed hyperactive; spent much of her childhood drugged; and was kicked out of the house at age fifteen. At seventeen, she left for Japan to become an exotic dancer.

Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, who managed to marginalize his nation and himself in the world community in almost every way, also had Aphidas prominent, conjunct the Sun(and North Node); square Uranus; trine Hidalgo and Nessus; and opposite the South Node.

Heavy-metal rock singer John "Ozzy" Osbourne served time for petty theft and burglary in his native England in his youth and has a long and extensive history of drug use and drinking which has gotten him into trouble on occasion. His name is almost synonymous with boorishness, addledness and freakiness to some. He has Aphidas undecimal Pluto, trine Phaethon and opposite the Black Moon.

Marilyn Manson's act, both onstage and offstage, is even more extreme than Ozzy's. He claims to have beat his mother as a teenager. His Aphidas is in the fourth house, cusping the fifth, and conjoins Juno, squares Pluto and Heracles, and trines Saturn, Vesta and the Ascendant.

Shannen Doherty, who has a wild past and sometimes still finds herself in controversy, has Aphidas in the fourth house also, semisquare Jupiter; sextile Venus; square Pandora and the Nodes; trine Mars, Saturn, Ceres, the Black Moon, and the East Point.

The glyph for Aphidas at the top of the page was developed by Zane Stein.

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