Asteroid 200069, Alastor, is a Jupiter Trojan asteroid discovered on September 24, 1960 by the Palomar-Leiden Survey (C. J. van Houten, Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld and Tom Gehrels). It has a period of 12 years, 102 days.

It was named for a character in The Iliad, the Greek warrior Alastor, commander of the Pylian contingent. Twice he carried wounded Greek warriors (Teukros and Hysenor) off the battlefield.

In the Harry Potter series of books, Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, a wizard so named for his artificial eye, which could see in all directions, was an accomplished warrior against dark wizardry who nonetheless was overpowered and imprisoned at one point, and finally killed.

Alastor was also the name of one of the chariot horses of Hades; its name meant "avenger."

The meaning of asteroid Alastor seems to be: retribution, vengeance, karma; possibly, having to accept that one is not invulnerable and can't be prepared for every attack, the doctrine that soldiers do not abandon their fallen comrades.

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