Asteroid 2232, Altaj, was discovered on September 15, 1969 by Bella A. Burnasheva at Nauchnyj, Ukraine. It has a period of 4 years, 129 days.

Burnasheva named the asteroid for Russia's Gorno-Altaj province, in Siberia on the Chinese, Mongolian and Kazakhstan borders, where her mother, Elena Andreevna Vasileva, lived.

Mountains and forests in Gorno-Altaj

Astrologically, Altaj seems to indicate "up high," "high up," to raise up.

Baseball great Ted Williams had Altaj quincunx/semisextile the Nodes.

Fundamentalist minister/politician Jerry Falwell, who took a very parochial, hateful viewpoint toward his Christianity, had Altaj conjunct Mars, square Pluto (mass movements), and opposite Ceres (nurturance).

Joe Arpaio, the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, which includes Phoenix, and is notorious for the way he treats prisoners in his jail (which includes un-air-conditioned tents in the triple-digit summer heat, moldy baloney sandwiches and pink underwear for men), has Altaj square Vesta (dedication) and sesquiquadrate/semisquare the Nodes.

Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who saw himself as saving his country from communism, had Altaj square Neptune (delusion) and sesquiquadrate Pallas (politics).

Hotel heiress and professional celebrity Paris Hilton has Altaj trine the Sun (celebrity) and Mercury (media).

Marie Antoinette had Altaj in her seventh house, semisquare the Midheaven and opposite Mars (aggression, assertion, sharp instruments such as guillotine blades).

The glyph for Altaj is mine and is based on the Gorno-Altaj coat of arms.

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