Asteroid 99942, Apophis, was discovered on June 19, 2004 by Roy A. Tucker, David J. Tholen and Fabrizio Bernardi at Kitt Peak Observatory near Sells, Arizona. It has a period of 323 days and is about one-sixth of a mile in diameter. It is an Aten asteroid which is projected to make a very close approach to Earth in 2029, at which point it will move to the Apollo class.

It was named Apep (Apophis), the Egyptian god of evil and destruction who dwelled in eternal darkness. This is apparently a reference to its projected close approach to Earth—possibly less than 25,000 miles, amounting to a near-miss.

Apep (Apophis)

Astrologically, Apophis has been linked by Jonathan Dunn with death and destruction.

Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the Enola Gay, had Apophis trine Nessus (poison) and Pholus (to introduce contamination or infection) and quincunx Jupiter (long-distance travel, philosophy).

Thomas Ferebee, the bombardier of the Enola Gay, had Apophis sextile Mars (the military), Saturn, Pallas (politics) and Don Quixote (taking on the system, travel).

Execution-machine designer and Holocaust denier Fred Leuchter (born February 7, 1943 in Boston) has Apophis conjunct Mars (mechanical aptitude, aggression) and Juno (human rights, playing a public role), sextile Venus (values), square Ceres (nurturance) and quincunx Pluto (mass destruction, power).

Demolition expert Jack Loizeaux had Apophis semisextile Pluto and Vesta (dedication) and trine Pholus (to undermine or weaken from within). Taking down a building safely requires careful placement of explosives within the building.

Mohammed Atta, the ringleader of the 9-11 hijackers, had Apophis semisextile Mercury (schemes), Venus (indignation) and Uranus (aviation, extremism) and square Varuna (fundamentalism; setting oneself up as judge, jury and executioner).

Nathuram Godse, a Hindu radical who murdered Mahatma Gandhi because he objected to what he considered Gandhi's unconscionable support of Muslims, had Apophis square Hylonome (the cry of the people) and trine Uranus (radicalism).

Serial killer Richard Ramirez, known as the Night Stalker, who landed on death row, has Apophis in the second house, conjunct Lilith (marginalized), semisquare Jupiter (the law), square Varuna (presuming to decide another's fate), and quincunx Elatus (vividly expressed) and Don Quixote.

Kathleen Blanco, former governor of Louisiana, had Hurricane Katrina, the third-deadliest hurricane in US history, hit her state on her watch and fought valiantly to deal with the hurricane and its aftermath, often against incompetent federal officials and obstructive political enemies. She has Apophis sextile Mars (the military), trine Don Quixote and quincunx Uranus (sudden, unexpected things that upset the applecart).

The glyph for Apophis is mine.

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