Asteroid 3600,Archimedes, was discovered on September 26, 1978 by Lyudmila V. Zhuravleva at Nauchnyj, Ukraine. It has a period of 4 years, 40 days.

It was named for the 3rd-century BCE Greek scientist Archimedes.


Astrologically, asteroid Archimedes seems to have to do with spiralling, either upward or downward, or spirals.

Mikhail Gorbachev, who presided over the disintegration of the Soviet Union, has Archimedes square Venus and contraparallel Neptune.

Former South African president F.W. DeKlerk, who presided over the disintegration of his country's apartheid regime, has Archimedes semisquare Mercury, square Vesta and opposite Pluto.

Adolf Hitler had Archimedes in the ninth house, on the cusp, square Juno.

George W. Bush has Archimedes in the eleventh house, conjunct Uranus, trine the Moon, Jupiter and Juno, and contraparallel Ceres.

Some people whose lives spiraled downward:

Dancer Vaclav Nijinsky had Archimedes in the fifth house, sextile Pluto.

Andrea Yates, like Nijinsky a victim of mental illness, has Archimedes sextile the South Node, square Vesta and trine the North Node.

John Belushi, who died young due to drugs, had Archimedes in the second house, parallel Venus and Jupiter.

African-American actress Dorothy Dandridge who had Archimedes in the third house, conjunct Saturn and square Chiron.

The glyph for Archimedes is mine.

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