Astrological Hall of Shame


Clyde Barrow (March 24, 1909, Telico, TX[in Ellis County])--American bandit (with lover Bonnie Parker and others--see Libra)

Alois Brunner (April 8, 1912, Rohrbrunn, AUSTRIA)--Nazi war criminal

Anita Bryant March 25, 1940, 3:10 PM CST, Barnsdall, OK)--anti-gay-rights crusader

Francois Duvalier (April 14, 1907, Port-au-Prince, HAITI)--Haitian dictator, father of Jean-Claude Duvalier(see Cancer)

John Ehrlichman (March 20, 1925, 11:35 PM PST, Tacoma, WA) --Watergate conspirator

Jennifer Gibbons (April 11, 1963, 8:20 AM BST, Aden, YEMEN)--antisocial character

June Gibbons (April 11, 1963, 8:10 AM EST, Aden, YEMEN)--antisocial character; Jennifer Gibbons' twin sister

Robert Hanssen (April 18, 1944, Chicago, IL)--renegade FBI agent, traitor

Eric Harris (April 9, 1981, 9:37 PM EST, Plattsburgh, NY)--Columbine High School shooter

Nikita Khrushchev (April 17, 1904, Kalinovka, UKRAINE)--Soviet dictator

Kim Il Sung(nee Kim Song Ju) (April 15, 1912, Mangyondae, NORTH KOREA)--North Korean dictator, father of Kim Jong Il(see Aquarius)

Tom Metzger (April 9, 1938, 2:00 a.m. EST, Warsaw, IN)--white supremacist

King Mswati III of Swaziland (April 19, 1968, Manzini, SWAZILAND)--absolute monarch/notorious dictator of Swaziland

Terry Lee Nichols (April 1, 1955, Lapeer, MI)--co-conspirator with Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City federal-building bombing


Marshall Applewhite (May 17, 1931, 3:20 AM CST, Spur, TX)--American cult leader(Heaven's Gate), led mass suicide of cult, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Andreas Baader (May 6, 1943, 12:05 AM CEWT[GMT -1 hr], Munich, Bavaria, GERMANY)--terrorist; co-founder of Baader-Meinhof Gang with Ulrike Meinhof(see Libra)

John Wilkes Booth (May 10, 1838, Bel Air, MD)--assassinated Abraham Lincoln

Martin Bryant (May 7, 1967, 2:45 AM, Hobart, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA)--mass murderer; perpetrator of Australia's worst single mass killing

Mark David Chapman (May 10, 1955, 7:30 PM CST, Fort Worth, TX)--assassinated John Lennon in the lobby of his New York apartment building, 7 December 1980

Oliver Cromwell (May 5, 1599, Huntingdon, England, UK)--English dictator, led revolution that overthrew King Charles I, had king beheaded, cruelly oppressed Irish

Albert Fish (May 19, 1870, Washington, DC)--child killer, cannibal

Nathuram Godse (May 19, 1910, Baramati, Maharashtra, INDIA)--assassinated Mahatma Gandhi

Thomas Watt Hamilton (May 10, 1952, 8:50 AM GMT, Glasgow, Scotland, UK)--mass murderer; perpetrated Dunblane, Scotland school massacre

Elmer Wayne Henley (May 9, 1955, Houston, TX)--American serial killer(with Dean Arnold Corll & David Brooks--see Capricorn and Aquarius); together, they killed 27 teenage boys and young men in Houston and nearby Pasadena, TX in the early 1970s; Henley is currently serving life sentences for the slayings of 6 of them

Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889, 6:30 PM LMT, Braunau, AUSTRIA)--German dictator, Nazi leader, chief perpetrator of Nazi Holocaust

Karla Homolka (May 4, 1964, Mississauga, ON, CANADA)--Canadian serial killer (with husband Paul Bernardo--see Virgo); responsible for the sex-torture slayings of three teenage girls, including her own sister

Saddam Hussein (April 28, 1937, Tikrit, IRAQ)--Iraqi dictator

Jim Jones (May 13, 1937, 10:00 PM EST, Lynn, IN)--American cult leader(People's Temple), led mass suicide of cult, Jonestown, Guyana

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (May 20, 1900, Khomein, IRAN)--Iranian theocratic dictator

Nikolai Lenin(nee Vladimir Ulyanov) (April 22, 1870, Simbirsk, RUSSIA)--Soviet dictator, father of Bolshevik Revolution

Timothy McVeigh (April 23, 1968, 8:19 AM EST, Lockport, NY)--right-wing terrorist, chief perpetrator of Alfred P.Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City, OK

Herman Mudgett(aka H.H. Holmes) (May 16, 1860, Gilmanton, NH)--mass murderer

Ho Chi Minh(nee Nguyen That Thanh) (May 19, 1890, Kim Lien, Nghe An, VIETNAM)--Vietnamese dictator

Earle Leonard Nelson (May 12, 1897, San Francisco, CA)--serial killer

Alexander Palmer (May 4, 1872, Moosehead, PA)--US Attorney General under Woodrow Wilson, noted for abuse of power

Henri Petain (April 24, 1856, 10:30 p.m. CET, Cauchy-a-la-Tour, FRANCE)--collaborated with Nazi German occupiers of France during World War II

Pol Pot (nee Sadoth Sar) (May 19, 1925, Prek Sbauv, Kompong Thong, CAMBODIA)--Cambodian dictator, said to have been responsible for the deaths of millions of his own people

Maximilien Robespierre (May 6, 1758, 2:00 AM LMT, Arras, FRANCE)--French revolutionary leader, executed numerous individuals in so-called Reign of Terror before going to the guillotine himself.


Aldrich Ames (May 26, 1941, River Falls, WI)--renegade CIA agent, traitor

Yuri Andropov (June 15, 1914, Nagutskoye, RUSSIA)-- Soviet spymaster and dictator

David Berkowitz (June 1, 1953, New York[Brooklyn], NY)--serial killer aka "Son Of Sam"

Kenneth Bianchi (May 22, 1951, 2:55 PM EDT, Rochester, NY)-- half of the Hillside Strangler serial-killer team with cousin Angelo Buono(see Libra)

Martin Bormann (June 17, 1900, 10:45 PM CEST, Halbertstadt, GERMANY) --Nazi war criminal

William Calley (June 8, 1943, 6:12 PM EWT[GMT -4 hrs], Miami, FL)--American army officer convicted of Vietnam War crimes

John Norman Collins (June 17, 1947, Windsor, ON, CANADA)--serial killer, "Michigan Coed Killer"

Neill Cream (May 27, 1850, Glasgow, Scotland, UK)--renegade physician, murderer, Jack The Ripper suspect

Jeffrey Dahmer (May 21, 1960, 4:34 PM CDT, Milwaukee, WI)-- serial killer, committed rapes, murders and cannibalism of numerous men and teenage boys, mainly in Milwaukee

Josef "Sepp" Dietrich (May 28, 1892, 1:00 AM CEST, Hawangen, GERMANY)--Nazi war criminal

John Dillinger (June 22, 1903, Indianapolis, IN)-- 1930s bandit and murderer

Hans Frank (May 23, 1900, 8:30 PM CEST, Karlsruhe, GERMANY) --Nazi war criminal

John W. Hinckley, Jr. (May 29, 1955, 11:42 PM CST, Ardmore, OK)--attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in Washington, DC 30 March 1981 as part of a demented plan to woo actor Jodie Foster, with whom he was obsessed

Theodore Kaczynski (May 22, 1942, Chicago, IL) anti-technological extremist, mail bomber known as the Unabomber

Donatien Alphonse Francois, Count (Marquis) De Sade (June 2, 1740, Paris, FRANCE) --French sexual deviant, wrote infamous literary works, synonymous with sadism

Sukarno (June 6, 1901, Blitar, East Java, INDONESIA)--Indonesian dictator, spent lavishly on monuments to himself and weapons systems while his people languished in desperate poverty

Suharto (June 8, 1921, Kemusuk, Central Java, INDONESIA)--Indonesian dictator, overthrew Sukarno in mid-1960s, notoriously corrupt and authoritarian, invaded and occupied East Timor

Peter Sutcliffe (June 2, 1946, 8:30 p.m. BST, Bingley, England, UK)--aka The Yorkshire Ripper; serial killer


Lizzie Borden (July 19, 1860, 9:50 AM LMT, Fall River, MA)--accused parricide

Iva Toguri D'Aquino(aka Tokyo Rose) (July 4, 1916, Los Angeles, CA)--alleged Japanese propagandist during World War II

Prince Dipendra of Nepal (June 27, 1971, Kathmandu, NEPAL)--gunned down most of his family in the royal palace after a quarrel with his parents, then turned the gun on himself

Westley Allen Dodd (July 3, 1961, Toppenish, WA)--pedophile, child killer

David Duke (July 13, 1950, Tulsa, OK)--white supremacist, fringe politician

Jean-Claude Duvalier aka Baby Doc (July 3, 1951, Port-au-Prince, HAITI)--Haitian dictator, son of Francois Duvalier(see Aries)

Nathan Bedford Forrest (July 13, 1821, Unionville, TN)--Confederate general in Civil War, slave trader, founder of Ku Klux Klan

Leona Helmsley (July 4, 1920, 6:00 AM EST, Marbletown, NY)--hotelier, notorious tax evader

King Henry VIII of England (July 7, 1491, 8:49 AM LMT, London, England, UK) --English monarch of Tudor dynasty, father of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Mary I as well as King Edward VI, notorious for numerous marriages and divorces and beheading wives who displeased him, sometimes because they failed to bear him a boy

Imelda Marcos (July 2, 1929, 2:30 PM, Manila, PHILIPPINES) --former Philippine first lady, notoriously lavish lifestyle while married to President Ferdinand Marcos, noted for amassing vast shoe collection while many ordinary Filipinos were so impoverished they went shoeless

Vidkun Quisling (July 18, 1887, Oslo, NORWAY)--Norwegian right-wing politician, traitor who headed Nazi German puppet government during World War II, synonymous with collaboration with foreign invaders

Orenthal James (O.J.) Simpson (July 9, 1947, 8:08 AM PST, San Francisco, CA)--professional football player, actor, broadcaster, pitchman; wife-beater, widely believed to have murdered his second wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman outside her Los Angeles condominium in June 1994.

Andrea Yates (July 2, 1964, Houston, TX)--convicted murderer; drowned her five young children during a psychotic episode


Napoleon Bonaparte(Emperor Napoleon I of France) (August 15, 1769, 11:34 AM LMT, Ajaccio, Corsica, FRANCE)--French dictator and military leader

Fidel Castro (August 13, 1926, Biran, Santiago de Cuba, CUBA)--Cuban dictator

Alberto Fujimori (July 28, 1938, Lima, PERU)--Peruvian dictator

Myra Hindley (July 23, 1942, 2:45 AM British War Time[GMT -2 hrs], Crumpsall, Lancashire, England, UK)--serial child murderer(with Ian Brady--see Capricorn)

David Koresh(nee Vernon Howell) (August 17, 1959, 8:49 AM CST, Houston, TX)--infamous cult leader(Branch Davidians)

Monica Lewinsky (July 28, 1974, San Francisco, CA)--notorious character

Henry Lee Lucas (August 13, 1936, Blacksburg, VA)--mass murderer

Slobodan Milosevic (August 20, 1941, Pozarevac, Serbia, YUGOSLAVIA)-- Yugoslavian president, war criminal

Benito Mussolini (July 28, 1883, Predappio, Emilia-Romagna, ITALY)--Italian dictator

Jon Venables (August 13, 1982, Liverpool, England, UK)--British child murderer (along with Robert Thompson)

Margaretha Zelle (August 7,1876, 1:00 PM LMT, Leeuwarden, NETHERLANDS)--spy; aka Mata Hari


Sani Abacha (September 20, 1943, Kano, Kano, NIGERIA)--Nigerian military dictator

Yasser Arafat (August 27, 1929, 2:00 AM EEST, Cairo, EGYPT)--Palestinian political leader, infamous character

Mohammed Atta (September 1, 1968, Musha, EGYPT)--terrorist, leader of 9-11 hijackers

Paul Bernardo (August 27, 1964, Toronto, ON, CANADA)--Canadian rapist/serial killer(with ex-wife Karla Homolka--see Taurus)

William Bonney (September 17, 1859, New York, NY)--aka Billy The Kid: legendary American outlaw, frontier figure

Cesare Borgia (September 22, 1476, 12:55 a.m.LMT, Rome, ITALY--rectified by Basil Fearrington)--Spanish-Italian politician/soldier, infamous character

Philipp Bouhler (September 11, 1899, 1:00 AM CEST, Munich, Bavaria, GERMANY)--Nazi war criminal, head of euthanasia program

Emperor Gaius Caesar(Caligula) of Rome (August 31, 12, ROME)--Roman emperor(37-41), archetypal psychotic dictator

Deng Xiaoping (August 30, 1904, Baifeng, Sichuan, CHINA)--Chinese dictator

Albert DeSalvo (September 3, 1931, 11:58 AM, Chelsea, MA)--career criminal, convicted as a serial killer, known as "The Boston Strangler"

Porfirio Diaz (September 16, 1830, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, MEXICO)--Mexican dictator

Edward Gein (August 27, 1906, 11:30 PM CST, North La Crosse, WI)--murderer, necrophiliac, cannibal

Charles Guiteau (September 8, 1841, Freeport, IL)--assassinated President James Garfield in 1881

Jesse James (September 5, 1847, Centerville, MO)--American outlaw

Kipland "Kip" Kinkel (August 30, 1982, Springfield, OR)--murderer; convicted of killing his parents and several classmates at Thurston High School in Springfield, OR

Dylan Klebold--(September 11, 1981, 9:11 AM MDT, Denver, CO)--Columbine High School shooter

Ilse Koch--(September 22, 1906, Dresden, GERMANY)--Nazi, had lampshades and leather goods made from the skins of concentration-camp inmates

Ferdinand Marcos (September 11, 1917, Surrat, Ilocos Norte, PHILIPPINES)--Philippine dictator

John Mitchell (September 15, 1913, Detroit, MI)--Watergate conspirator

Muammar Qaddafi (August 31, 1942, Surt, LIBYA)--Libyan dictator

Robert Thompson (August 23, 1982, Liverpool, England, UK))--British child murderer (along with Jon Venables)

Leslie Van Houten (August 23, 1949, 5:51 AM PST, Altadena, CA)--cult murderer

George Wallace (August 25, 1919, Clio, AL)--Alabama governor, notorious racist and segregationist


Hafez Assad (October 6, 1930, Latakia, SYRIA)--Syrian dictator

Angelo Buono (October 5, 1934, 4:09 AM EST,Rochester, NY)--serial killer; half of the "Hillside Strangler" team with cousin Kenneth Bianchi(see Gemini)

Konstantin Chernenko (September 24, 1911, Bolshaya Tes, Krasnoyarsk, RUSSIA)--Soviet dictator

Andrei Chikatilo (October 16, 1936, Tablochnoye, UKRAINE)--Russian mass murderer

Aleister Crowley (October 12, 1875, Leamington Spa, England, UK)--occultist, notorious character

Al DeGuzman (October 21, 1981, San Jose, CA)--would-be school bomber

Reginald Dyer (October 9, 1864, Murree, PAKISTAN)--British army officer in colonial India, purposefully massacred unarmed Indian civilians and denied them medical attention

Heinrich Himmler (October 7, 1900, 3:00 PM CEST, Munich, Bavaria, GERMANY)--Nazi

Luc Jouret (October 18, 1947, 10:04 AM CEST, Kikwit, CONGO-KINSHASA)--infamous cult leader(Order of the Solar Temple)

Timothy Leary (October 22, 1920, 10:45 AM EDT, Springfield, MA)--renegade psychologist, popularized LSD

Ulrike Meinhof (October 7, 1934, Oldenburg, GERMANY)--German terrorist, founder of Baader-Meinhof Gang with Andreas Baader(see Taurus)

Sayyid Qutb (October 8, 1906, Musha, EGYPT)--Egyptian Islamic extremist

Mobutu Sese Seko(nee Joseph-Desir`e Mobutu) (October 14, 1930, Lisala, CONGO-KINSHASA)--dictator of Congo-Kinshasa(formerly Zaire and the Belgian Congo)

Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939, 9:55 PM CST, New Orleans, LA)--noted assassin(killed President John F. Kennedy)

Bonnie Parker (October 1, 1910, Rowena, TX[in Runnels County])--American outlaw, partner of Clyde Barrow(see Aries)

Girolamo de Savonarola (September 30, 1452, 4:26 PM LMT, Ferrara, ITALY)--religious fanatic

Susan Vaughan Smith (September 26, 1971, Union, SC)--mother convicted of drowning her two young sons in a lake


Spiro Agnew (November 9, 1918, Baltimore, MD)--disgraced US vice-president

Patrick Buchanan (November 2, 1938, Mount Vernon, NY)--media personality and fringe politician

Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo (November 1, 1962, Miami, FL)--cult leader/murderer

Lynndie England (November 8, 1982, Ashland, KY)--Second Persian Gulf War war criminal

Joseph Goebbels (October 29, 1897, 11:30 PM CEST, Rheydt, GERMANY)--Nazi; Hitler's propaganda minister

Thomas Junta (November 20, 1957, Reading, MA)--murderer; beat the father of a hockey teammate of his young son to death in a dispute over a game

Reginald Kray (October 24, 1933, 8:00 PM GMT, London, England, UK)--British organized-crime figure

Ronald Kray (October 24, 1933, 8:10 PM GMT, London, England, UK)--British organized-crime figure; Reginald Kray's twin brother

Charles Manson (November 12, 1934, 4:40 PM CST, Cincinnati, OH)--cult leader/murderer

Queen Marie Antoinette of France (November 2, 1755, 7:30 PM LMT, Vienna, AUSTRIA)--wife of King Louis XVI of France, notorious character

Joseph McCarthy (November 14, 1908, 3:00 PM CST, Grand Chute, WI)--politician infamous for abuse of power

George Metesky (November 2, 1903, Waterbury, CT)--aka The Mad Bomber; New York-area serial bomber

Daniel Ortega (November 11, 1945, La Libertad, NICARAGUA)--Nicaraguan dictator

Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi (October 26, 1919, Tehran, Iran)--Shah of Iran, infamous figure

Scott Peterson (October 24, 1972, 9:36 a.m. PDT, San Diego, CA)--killed his pregnant wife Laci

Fred Phelps (November 13, 1929, Meridian, MS)--strident Topeka, KS-based minister/homophobe

Alfredo Stroessner (November 3, 1912, Encarnacion, PARAGUAY)--Paraguayan dictator

Rafael Trujillo (October 24, 1891, San Cristobal, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)--Dominican dictator


Leonid Brezhnev (December 19, 1906, Kamenskoye, UKRAINE)--Soviet Russian dictator

Theodore Bundy (November 24, 1946, 10:35 PM EST, Burlington, VT)--serial killer

Francisco Franco (December 4, 1892, 12:30 a.m., El Ferrol, SPAIN)--Spanish dictator

Bruno Hauptmann (November 26, 1899, 1:00 PM CEST, Kamenz, GERMANY)--convicted of and executed for the kidnapping and murder of Charles & Anne Morrow Lindbergh's baby son Charles Jr.

Patricia Krenwinkel (December 3, 1947, 4:41 AM PST, Los Angeles, CA)--cult murderer(Manson Family)

G. Gordon Liddy (November 30, 1929, New York(Brooklyn), NY)--Watergate conspirator, right-wing broadcaster said to instruct listeners on how to murder federal officers

Erik Menendez (November 27, 1970, 11:23 PM EST, Livingston, NJ)--parricide(with brother Lyle Menendez--see Capricorn)

Emperor Nero(Nero Caesar, nee Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus) (December 15, 37, Anzio, ITALY)--notorious Roman emperor

Dennis Nilsen (November 23, 1945, 4:00 AM GMT, Fraserburgh, Scotland, UK)--serial killer

Augusto Pinochet (November 26, 1915, Valparaiso, CHILE)--Chilean dictator

Vellupillai Prabhakaran (November 26, 1954, Jaffna, SRI LANKA)--Sri Lankan Tamil terrorist leader, credited with inventing the practice of suicide bombing

Vlad Tepes "The Impaler" aka Dracula (December 7, 1431, 3:18 PM LMT, Sigisoara, ROMANIA--rectified by Noel Tyl)--Romanian prince & military leader, notorious character

Charles "Tex" Watson (December 2, 1945, 9:15 AM CST, Dallas, TX)--cult murderer(Manson Family)


Jim Bakker (January 2, 1940, 11:00 AM CST, Muskegon Heights, MI)--disgraced former televangelist

William Bonin (January 8, 1947, 12:15 AM EST, Willimantic, CT)--serial killer aka "The Freeway Killer"

Ian Brady (January 2, 1938, 12:40 PM GMT, Glasgow, Scotland, UK)--serial killer(with Myra Hindley--see Leo)

Alphonse(Al) Capone (January 18, 1899, New York[Brooklyn], NY)--gangster

Seung-hui Cho (January 18, 1984, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA)--perpetrator of the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre

Dean Arnold Corll (December 24, 1939, 11:57 AM CST, Fort Wayne, IN)--mass murderer

Pablo Escobar (January 12, 1949, Medellin, COLOMBIA)--drug lord, leader of Medellin cartel

Heidi Fleiss (December 30, 1965, 9:30 PM PST, Los Angeles, CA)--noted madam

Hermann Goering (January 12, 1893, 4:00 AM CEST, Rosenheim, GERMANY)--Nazi; Hitler's air force chief and second-in-command

J(ohn) Edgar Hoover (January 1, 1895, 7:30 AM CST, Washington, DC)--legendary FBI director, infamous for his abuse of power

Mao Zedong (December 26, 1893, Siangtan, Hunan, CHINA)--Chinese dictator

Lyle Menendez (January 10, 1968, 12:10 PM EST, New York, NY)--parricide(with brother Erik Menendez--see Sagittarius)

Richard Nixon (January 9, 1913, 9:14 PM PST, Yorba Linda, CA)--disgraced US President

Sara Jane Olson(nee Kathleen Soliah) (January 16, 1947, Fargo, ND)--convicted terrorist

Harold Shipley (January 14, 1946, Nottingham, England, UK)--renegade physician, mass murderer

Josef Stalin(nee Josef Dzugashvili) (January 2, 1879, Gori, GEORGIA)--Soviet dictator

Hideki Tojo(nee Tojo Eiku) (December 30, 1884, Tokyo, JAPAN)--Japanese prime minister during World War II, war criminal


Benedict Arnold (January 25, 1741, Norwich, CT)--American traitor during Revolutionary War

Eva Braun (February 6, 1912, 5:30 AM CEST, Munich, Bavaria, GERMANY)--Hitler's wife

Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd (February 3, 1904, Bartow County, GA)--American outlaw

David Owen Brooks (February 11, 1957, Beaumont, TX)--mass murderer(with Dean Corll & Elmer Wayne Henley)

John Chivington (January 27, 1821, Lebanon, Ohio)--US Army officer who led the Sand Creek Massacre

Nicolae Ceausescu (January 26, 1918, Scornicesti, ROMANIA)--Romanian dictator

Jimmy Hoffa (February 12, 1913, 6:52 AM CST, Brazil, IN)--corrupt labor leader

Andrew Kehoe (February 1, 1872, Tecumseh, MI))--Bath, MI school board member who murdered his wife, then blew up the school, his car, himself, and 45 other people, many of them children, on May 18, 1927 in what is known as the Bath School Disaster, the worst mass murder ever to take place at an American school

Kim Jong Il (February 15, 1942, Khabarovsk, RUSSIA)--North Korean dictator, son of Kim Il Sung(see Aries)

Manuel Noriega (February 11, 1934, Panama City, PANAMA) --Panamanian dictator

Sigmund Rascher (February 12, 1909, Munich, Bayern, GERMANY)--Nazi mad scientist, performed experiments on prisoners of concentration camps

Paul Shanley (January 25, 1931, Boston, MA)--renegade Catholic priest, sexual predator, advocate of pederasty

Charles Taylor (January 28, 1948, Arthington, LIBERIA)--Liberian dictator

Eugene Terreblanche (January 31, 1941, Ventersdorp, North West Province, SOUTH AFRICA)--Liberian dictator


Jean-Bedel Bokassa aka "Emperor Bokassa I" (February 22, 1921, Bobangui, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC)--dictator of the Central African Republic, had himself crowned emperor in a lavish ceremony that cost a quarter of his impoverished nation's annual budget, was driven into exile after murdering schoolchildren who could not pay for expensive school uniforms he ordered them to wear

Anthony Comstock (March 7, 1844, New London, CT)--self-appointed censor

Adolf Eichmann (March 19, 1906, 7:30 a.m. CET, Solingen, GERMANY)--Nazi, chief planner for extermination of Jews and other groups the Nazis considered undesirable

John Wayne Gacy (March 17, 1942, 12:29 AM CWT[GMT -5 hrs], Chicago, IL)--serial killer

Reinhard Heydrich (March 7,1904, 3:00 PM CEST, Halle, GERMANY)--Nazi

Queen Mary I of England (February 28, 1516, 4:13 AM LMT, London, England, UK)--aka "Bloody Mary": as ruler of England 1555-1558, she cruelly persecuted Protestants

Josef Mengele (March 16, 1911, 11:45 AM CEST, Gunzburg, Bavaria, GERMANY)--Nazi; concentration-camp "doctor", notorious for using prisoners as guinea pigs in demented medical experiments

Robert Mugabe (February 21, 1924, Darwendale, ZIMBABWE)--dictator of Zimbabwe

Dennis Rader (March 9, 1945, Wichita, KS)--serial killer, known as BTK (for Bind, Torture, Kill)

Ricardo Ramirez (February 28, 1960, 2:07 AM MST, El Paso, TX)--serial killer aka "The Night Stalker"

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (February 21, 1794, Jalapa Enriquez, Veracruz, MEXICO)--notorious Mexican dictator

Ariel Sharon (February 27, 1928, 7:49 AM EEST, Kafr Malal, ISRAEL)--Israeli politician and soldier, blamed for massacres of unarmed Palestinians during the Lebanese civil war in the 1980s

Jimmy Swaggart (March 15, 1935, 1:35 AM CST, Ferriday, LA)--disgraced former televangelist

Aileen Wuornos (February 29, 1956, Rochester, MI)--serial killer

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