Asteroid 2062, Aten, was discovered on January 7, 1976 by Eleanor F. "Glo" Helin at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 347 days.

As it was the first asteroid to be discovered that had a period of less than one year, it was named for the Egyptian sun god Aten, god of the solar disk, whose monogamous worship the pharoah Amenhotep IV (Aktenaten) tried to force on a polytheistic Egypt, with disastrous results.

Aktenaten and his family adoring the solar disk, Aten

Astrologically, asteroid Aten seems to indicate dogmatism, disruption, proselytizing, forcing beliefs on people..

George W. Bush has Aten in the eleventh house, sextile Nessus, trine Asbolus and parallel Saturn.

Militant former Republican congressman Tom DeLay has Aten in the sixth house, conjunct Hylonome, sextile Hidalgo, trine Mars and quincunx the Moon.

Franklin Graham has Aten quincunx Chaos and Pholus and parallel Venus and Uranus.

Egyptian Islamic radical Sayyid Qutb had Aten conjunct Mars, square Ceres and contraparallel Mercury and Saturn.

Pope Benedict XVI has Aten in the first house, cusping the second, sextile Mars and the North Node, trine Pholus and the South Node, and contraparallel Hylonome.

Junipero Serra (born November 24, 1713 in Petra, Mallorca, Spain), who brought Christianity to (some say forced it on) the Native Americans of California, had Aten sextile Mars, Saturn and Vesta and square Pallas.

Cult leader Warren Jeffs, known for forcibly marrying teenage girls off to already-married much older men, has Aten conjunct Nessus.

Nathuram Godse, a Hindu fanatic who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi because he objected to Gandhi's tolerance of and support for Muslims, had Aten sextile Venus, Vesta and Don Quixote.

Militant atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair had Aten in the eleventh house, semisquare Damocles.

Nikolai Lenin had Aten trine Ceres and quincunx Pandora.

Mao Zedong, another revolutionary who made his country Communist, had Aten conjunct Nessus and square Mars.

The glyph for Aten is mine and is derived from the ancient Egyptian symbol for the god Aten.

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