Asteroid 94, Aurora, was discovered on September 6, 1867 by James Craig Watson at Ann Arbor, Michigan. It has a period of 5 years, 225 days and is 204.89 kilometers (about 127 1/3 mile) in diameter.

Aurora was named for the Roman goddess of the dawn, whom the Greeks called Eos.


Astrologically, Aurora seems to signify to come down on (Damien Foor); to put on a show or display, to attract attention; possibly, aurorae or aurora-like phenomena, people or places named Aurora.

Madonna has Aurora in the eleventh house, sextile Mars.

Don King had Aurora trine Vesta.

Elton John has Aurora in the tenth house, square Pallas and the Ascendant and quincunx Juno.

Wendy O. Williams had Aurora conjunct the South Node, sextile Ceres and Vesta, square Pallas, and opposite the North Node.

Jim Morrison had Aurora in the ninth house, semisquare Neptune, sesquiquadrate Ceres and Pallas, and contraparallel Saturn.

Janet Jackson has Aurora opposite Juno.

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