Asteroid 12895, Balbastre, was discovered August 26, 1998 by Eric W. Elst at the European Southern Observatory. It has a period of 3 years, 128 days.

It was named for French composer Claude-Bénigne Balbastre (1729-1799), who specialized in keyboard compositions (for piano, organ and harpsichord).

Claude-Bénigne Balbastre

Astrologically, asteroid Balbastre has been linked to what its name ("ball-buster") might suggest: to beat, damage and ruin, or be beaten, damaged or ruined .

Joseph McCarthy, who ruined countless careers and reputations before finally having his own career and reputation ruined, had Balbastre square Pandora and Chaos and trine Jupiter.

Powerful and feared Hollywood gossip columnist Walter Winchell had Balbastre sextile Hidalgo, square Sun, trine Venus, and quincunx Ixion.

Actress Frances Farmer, who defied the establishment and was crushed by it, had Balbastre in the second house, square Uranus, trine Mars, Pluto and Elatus, quincunx Nessus, and parallel Dioretsa.

Cincinnati businesswoman Marge Schott, who was forced to give up ownership of her beloved Major League Baseball team, the Reds, because of repeated coarse remarks in the media, had Balbastre trine Venus, opposite Lilith, and contraparallel Damocles.

Tom DeLay, a viciously partisan political leader who was brought down by his own refusal to play by the rules, has Balbastre in the first house, cusping the second, square Mercury and parallel Don Quixote.

Al Capone had Balbastre square Asbolus and Varuna, trine Pandora and quincunx Venus and Juno.

Adolf Hitler had Balbastre in the eighth house, on the ninth cusp, trine Damocles and Nessus, parallel Venus and contraparallel Jupiter.

Shannon Wilsey, a porn star famed for her temperamental personality and extravagant lifestyle who committed suicide following a car crash which rendered her disfigured, had Balbastre trine Damocles, quincunx Nessus, parallel Jupiter, and contraparallel Chariklo.

The glyph for Balbastre is mine.

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