Asteroid 101955, Bennu, is an Apollo asteroid discovered on September 11, 1999 by the Lincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid Research Team at Socorro, New Mexico. It has a period of 1 year, 71 days.

It was named for Bennu, an Egyptian bird-deity said to be the ba, or personality-soul, of Ra. It is a self-created being which flew over the primordial waters at the dawn of creation and uttered a call that determined the nature of creation. Somewhat similar to the phoenix, it was associated with rebirth and was known as the Lord of Jubilees. It was associated with the birds yellow wagtail and gray heron.


Asteroid Bennu was the target of the space probe OSIRIS-REx, whose mission was to take samples from an asteroid and whose Touch-and-Go Sampler was reminiscent of the sacred heron of the god Bennu. The name came from a contest for schoolchildren; the winning name was suggested by Michael Toler Puzio (born 2004).

The astrological meaning of asteroid Bennu seems to be: rebirth experience.

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