Asteroid 5120 Bitias, a Jupiter Trojan, was discovered on October 13, 1988 by Carolyn S. Shoemaker at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 12 years, 58 days.

It was named for a Trojan warrior and companion of Aeneas who, in Vergil's The Aeneid made the fatal mistake of opening the gates of the Trojan fortress in an attempt to get the Latin warriors inside where they could be trapped; instead, the Latin warrior Turnus rushed inside and killed Bitias and many others. Bitias also toasted the late Queen Dido of Carthage after Aeneas told of his encounter with her and love for her.

Astrologically, asteroid Bitias' influence seems to be what its name and mythology would suggest: biting, having "bites," taking a bite. It might also mean misguided strategizing, or generosity.

Mike Tyson, who in a notorious incident during a bout chewed on his opponent Evander Holyfield's ear, has Bitias sextile Pallas and square Uranus and Pluto.

Evander Holyfield has Bitias quincunx Elatus.

Jeanna Giese (born June 6, 1988), a Fond du Lac, Wisconsin girl who became the first person to survive symptomatic rabies at age 15 thanks to an experimental treatment (which hasn't always worked), has Bitias trine Saturn and Neptune and opposite Pluto. She was bitten by a rabid bat she picked up and neglected to get vaccinated.

Zachary Jones (born April 29, 1990), a 16-year-old from Houston for whom this treatment failed, had Bitias semisquare Vesta, sextile Hidalgo and trine Nessus. He was bitten by a bat in his sleep; advocates for bats were forced to emphasize that all bats are not rabid and most are not dangerous to humans.

Bethany Hamilton, a teenage surfer from Hawaii who quickly went back into the water after her arm was bitten off by a shark, has Bitias semisextile Eris, square the Nodes, and opposite Pluto.

Charla Nash (born November 10, 1953) who was badly bitten and mauled by a friend's pet chimpanzee, has Bitias opposite Cyllarus.

Former Louisiana congressman William Jefferson (born March 14, 1947 in Lake Providence, Louisiana), whose political career was ruined by corruption, has Bitias square Uranus and opposite Ceres.

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was impeached and thrown out of office after being caught trying to trade a US Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama when he was elected president for political favors, something with a long history which he discovered was no longer acceptable. Blagojevich has Bitias conjunct Pelion and square Varuna.

Indonesian president Suharto, who did a lot to improve living standards in his huge, diverse, populous, impoverished country but who was notoriously corrupt and sometimes brutal, had Bitias conjunct Hidalgo and square Chiron.

His wife, Raden Ayu Siti Hartinah, aka Madame Tien, aka Madame Tien Percent, has Bitias trine Okyrhoe and Pandora.

The glyph for Bitias is mine.

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