Asteroid 66652, Borasisi, was discovered on Sept. 8, 1999 by Chadwick A. (Chad) Trujillo, Jane X. Luu and David C. Jewitt at Mauna Kea Observatory near Waimea, Hawaii. It has a period of 291 years, 309 days.

It was named for Borasisi, the mythical personification of the sun in the fictional religion of Bokononism described in Cat's Cradle, by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. It has one moon, Pabu, named for the mythical personification of the moon in Bokononism: "Borasisi, the sun, held Pabu, the moon, in his arms and hoped that Pabu would bear him a fiery child. But poor Pabu gave birth to children that were cold, that did not burn... Then poor Pabu herself was cast away, and she went to live with her favorite child, which was Earth."

Astrologically, Borasisi seems to indicate leadership, establishment of a following, rejection/withdrawal, exclusivity.

Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson had Borasisi trine Juno (a public role, marriage), Chaos (creating something new) and Huya (something missing, service to others). His wife Lois, who had suffered the effects of his alcoholism along with him, founded the ancillary organization Al-Anon.

Bill Clinton has Borasisi in the third house, sextile Mars, Neptune and the Ascendant, trine Mercury, Vesta and Eris, and quincunx the Midheaven.

Legendary billionaire recluse Howard Hughes, who let his obsessive-compulsive disorder take over and rule his entire life, had Borasisi sesquiquadrate Mars (defense) and parallel Lilith (not wanting to deal with something), Sedna (disability) and Ceto (monsters surfacing).

Homer Collyer, one of two New York brothers who were famous recluses and hoarders, had Borasisi sextile Sun and Mars and trine Lilith. His brother Langley Collyer had Borasisi square Chiron (stumbling block) and Deucalion and opposite Eris and Ceto. Langley was killed by one of several booby traps he had set up in the home he shared with Homer, who was blind and physically disabled, while bringing food to him, and Homer starved to death.

Christopher McCandless, whose ill-conceived, disastrous and ultimately fatal withdrawal to the Alaska wilderness was depicted in the movie Into The Wild, had Borasisi sextile Chariklo (glamorized) and square Saturn (starvation, dealing with consequences) and Eris (generating irritation). Many Alaskans consider him an impulsive, suicidal fool.

Reclusive writer JD Salinger has Borasisi sextile Saturn (hard work) and Quaoar, square Okyrhoe (marching to one's own drummer), quincunx Chiron (maverick), and opposite Rhadamanthus (supervisory) and Orcus (swaying a following).

Charles Manson has Borasisi in the seventh house, conjunct Sun and Venus, sextile Quaoar, square Saturn, and contraparallel Chiron, Deucalion and Logos (words having weight).

Sue Basso, a Texas woman with an unusual and depraved lifestyle, orchestrated the group murder of a retarded man she had lured down from New Jersey with promises of marriage, and landed on death row. Homeless people she took in ended up preferring the streets to her house. She has Borasisi sextile Ixion (lust for something), trine Juno (marriage), Crantor (vicious attacks), and Ceto (raising monsters), quincunx Uranus (bizarre) and opposite Pallas (conceptualization).

Famed atheist activist Madalyn Murray O'Hair cut off her son William Murray (for whom she successfully sued to get mandatory general prayer removed from public schools) and everyone else who disagreed with her; isolated herself, her other son Jon Murray, and her granddaughter Robin Murray-O'Hair; and was eventually murdered with them for their money. Madalyn had Borasisi in the fifth house, sextile Quaoar (having to do something, under the microscope), trine Uranus (rebellion, activism, upsetting the applecart), quincunx Eris (strident, controversial) and Ceto, and opposite Mars (anger) and Rhadamanthus (to judge).

The glyph for Borasisi is mine.

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