Asteroid 7649, Bougainville, was discovered on September 22, 1990 by Eric W. Elst at La Silla. It has a period of 4 years, 42 days.

It was named for the French explorer Louis-Antoine de Bougainville (1729-1811), best remembered for his circumnavigation of the world on the Bondeuse from 1766 to 1769 and his discovery of several archipelagos in Polynesia. He recounted his adventures in Voyage autour du monde (1771), in which he expounds theories about the goodness and the moral virtues of man living in harmony with nature.

Louis-Antoine de Bougainville

Astrologically, asteroid Bougainville seems to indicate the goodness, order and freedom that comes with naturalness, authenticity and lack of pretense.

Rosie O'Donnell has Bougainville semisquare Mars, square Asbolus and contraparallel Pallas.

Anne Frank had Bougainville in the tenth house, square the Moon, trine Ixion and paralle Chiron.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau had Bougainville conjunct Vesta and Don Quixote, sextile Mars and Pandora, and trine Hidalgo.

Freddie Mercury, who ended up having to accept his homosexuality after years of fighting it, had Bougainville sextile Mars and the North Node and trine Lilith and the South Node.

Tempest Smith, a 12-year-old Michigan Wiccan who killed herself to escape harassment at school, had Bougainville trine Pholus, quincunx Chaos and Dioretsa, and contraparallel the Sun.

Composer Joseph Gottschalk, who got his musical inspiration from his New Orleans upbringing, had Bougainville conjunct Venus and trine Mercury, Ceres and Nessus.

Native American activist and actor Russell Means has Bougainville sextile Neptune and square Mars and Juno.

The glyph for Bougainville is mine.

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