Asteroid 4047, Chang'E, was discovered on October 8, 1964 at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing (formerly Nanking), Jiangsu, China. It has a period of 4 years, 107 days.

Chang'E was named for the Chinese lunar probe Chang'E 1, which was launched on October 24, 2007, initiating Chinese scientific exploration of the moon, and for its namesake, the moon goddess Chang'E. Chang'E flew to the moon after taking a drug that produced immortality, either because her own immortality had been taken away by the supreme god Yu Huang (the Jade Emperor) as punishment for her husband Houyi killing Yu Huang's sons to save the world from being destroyed by them, or because she had been banished to Earth after accidentally breaking a jar in the Jade Emperor's palace, or because she gave her immortality up to try to save humans from a cruel dictator. She lives on the moon with Wu Gong, a woodcutter who was banished to the moon for trying to achieve immortality, and the Jade Rabbit, who constantly makes the elixir of life.

Chang'E flies to the moon

Astrologically, asteroid Chang'E seems to indicate attainment, transcendence, to "fly to the moon," to move on and never return.

The glyph for Chang'E is mine.

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