Asteroid 2695 Christabel was discovered on October 17, 1979 at Anderson Mesa, Arizona, USA by Edward Bowell and named after a famous poem by 19th-century English author Samuel Taylor Coleridge about a girl wandering at night who brings an evil spirit named Geraldine into her house; nobody will listen to Christabel when she tries to tell people about her suspicions. Christabel is a coined name meaning "fair Christian." Asteroid Christabel is 14.6 kilometers in diameter and has a period(year) of 4 years, 167 days.

Christabel in bed

Astrologically, Christabel means letting something negative in. It has also been linked to absentmindedness.

Example: Dennis Wilson, the rock musician who befriended the infamous Charles Manson (before the Tate-LaBianca murders) and co-wrote one of the Beach Boys' songs with him, had Christabel out of bounds, sextile Vesta and the Black Moon(lunar apogee point) and biundecimal Neptune(music). (The biundecimal is equal to 2/11ths of the zodiac--65 degrees, 6 minutes. I use an orb of no more than 1 degree for this and other aspects of the undecimal family, which divide the zodiac's circle by 11.)

O.J. Simpson also has Christabel out of bounds. In his case, Christabel is opposite Saturn and Pluto; sesquiquadrate Uranus; square Munchhausen; binonile Jupiter(the law); and trine Mars(violence, weapons--knives, for instance; cars, rage), Neptune(deception, denial, delusion), Cuitlahuac(giving up), and Bologna.

Orenthal James Simpson: July 9, 1947, 8:08 a.m. PST, San Francisco, California. Source: Astro-Data II, by Lois M. Rodden(1980, American Federation of Astrologers, Tempe, AZ). She rates the data AA and gives her source as Contemporary Sidereal Horoscopes,(1976) by Katherine Clark, Allen Gilchrist, Janice Mackey, and Charles Dorminy.

Bill Clinton has Christabel conjunct Juno, Krok, and Varuna; square Saturn, Ceres and Hidalgo; trine Asbolus and the Part of Fortune; opposite Hylonome; parallel Chiron(whose archetype he is said to have acted out throughout his presidency); and contraparallel Abanderada and Glo. In this case, Geraldine was apparently Monica Lewinsky.

William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton(nee William Jefferson Blythe IV): August 19, 1946, 8:51 a.m. CST, Hope, Arkansas. Source: Lois Rodden's Astrodatabank. She rates the data A, citing a note in hand from Virginia Kelley, Clinton's mother.

For Jimmy Swaggart, whose reputation and career was destroyed by a sex scandal, the Geraldine to his Christabel was New Orleans prostitutes. He has Christabel conjunct Uranus, and also Nessus(the dirty old man) and Cuitlahuac; sextile Mercury, Juno and Krok; square the Moon, Pluto, Nodal axis, and Don Quixote; trine the Black Moon; opposite Mars; sesquiquadrate Neptune; and triseptile Jupiter(religion) precisely.

Jimmy Swaggart: March 15, 1935, 1:35 a.m. CST, Ferriday, Louisiana. Source: Astro-Data V: Profiles In Crime (1991), by Lois M. Rodden. She rates the data AA, saying Star*Tech 1988 quotes Jeannine Pace for a birth certificate.

The glyph for Christabel is my own invention and is inspired by the Coleridge poem from which the asteroid was named: The peace symbol of the Sixties--the footprint of a chicken--can also be taken as a satanic symbol, a cross inverted and its arms broken, signifying Christ as dead or a betrayer. Once Christabel let Geraldine in her house, she had to submit passively to the evil of Geraldine's presence.

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