Asteroid 1917, Cuyo, an Amor asteroid, was discovered on January 1, 1968 by Carlos U. Cesco and A.G. Samuel at El Leoncito Observatory (now Felix Aguilar Observvatory) in El Leoncito National Park, San Juan province, Argentina. It has a period of 3 years, 57 days, and is about 3 ½ miles in diameter.

It was named for the National University of Cuyo (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo) in Mendoza, Argentina, which operated El Leoncito Observatory along with Yale University and Columbia University. The Cuyo region of western Argentina consists of the provinces of Mendoza (in which Mendoza is located), San Juan and San Luis.

The name sounds somewhat similar to Cujo, the title character of a novel by Stephen King; Cujo is a formerly friendly and easygoing Saint Bernard who becomes rabid and traps a woman and her four-year-old son in their disabled car at an isolated house. Cujo was the nom de guerre of American domestic terrorist William Wolfe, of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Cujo the Saint Bernard from hell

Astrologically, Cuyo seems to indicate menacing, bullying, threatening.

Former US vice president Dick Cheney has Cuyo in the third house, square Haumea (suppressed until ready to manifest or explode) and quincunx Phaethon (out of control).

Saddam Hussein had Cuyo sextile Vesta (dedication, commitment), square the Nodal axis, trine Pholus (folly), and opposite Chaos.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, known for his erratic behavior as well as his bullying tactics with other countries has Cuyo trine Uranus (erratic).

Adolf Hitler had Cuyo in the ninth house of religions and foreign countries, conjunct Pallas (politics) and Bienor (support from others), semisextile Neptune (lies and deception), and sextile the Sun (leadership) and Makemake (to produce prolifically).

Ruthless, hectoring former politician Tom DeLay has Cuyo in the eleventh house of politics, semisextile Chariklo, sextile Deucalion, trine Rhadamanthus (oversight, leadership), and opposite Sedna (operating in disregard of the common good, cold and sadistic).

Tough-guy actor Lawrence Tureaud aka Mr. T has Cuyo semisquare the Sun and sextile Nessus and Lilith. A former bodyguard, Mr. T's acting career declined after the 1980s sitcom that made him a star, "The A-Team," was canceled.

Kenneth Rex McElroy (born June 1, 1934), was the infamous Town Bully of Skidmore, Missouri, a brutal thief and rapist who on July 10, 1981 was gunned down in broad daylight in cold blood in front of more than forty witnesses, none of whom would name his killers in court, after the criminal justice system had failed to stop his decades-long reign of terror. His case spawned two movies and inspired a number of crime shows in the 1980s. Ken McElroy had Cuyo conjunct Vesta and Pandora, semisextile Elatus, sextile Pluto, and quincunx Pallas.

The glyph for Cuyo is mine.

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