Asteroid 11574, d´Alviella, was discovered on January 16, 1994 by Eric W. Elst at the CERGA Observatory at Caussols, Alpes-Maritimes, France. It has a period of 3 years, 173 days.

It was named for Belgian scholar and politician Eugène Félicien Albert, Count Goblet d'Alviella (1846-1925). A professor at the Free University of Brussels, he was the author of The Migration of Symbols, a seminal work in the field of religious archaeology, and wrote a manual for the higher grades of Freemasonry. His son Felix Goblet d'Alviella, who succeeded to the title of Count Goblet d'Alviella, won a silver medal in fencing in the 1920 Summer Olympics.

Eugène Goblet d'Alviella

The meaning of asteroid d'Alviella seems to be: the significance of symbolism and ritual, the history and archaeology of religion, academic debate, argument; possibly, fencing.

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