Asteroid 9758, Dainty, was discovered on April 13, 1991 by Duncan I. Steel at Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia. Dainty has a period of 4 years, 198 days.

Steel named it after distinguished British optics professor J. Christopher Dainty (born 1947), out of gratitude for the "inspiration and guidance" Dainty gave him while he was an undergraduate at the University of London.

Chris Dainty

Astrologically, asteroid Dainty seems to indicate what its name suggests:that which is dainty, that is, avoiding roughness; showing fastidious discrimination or finicky taste; marked by delicate or diminutive beauty, form or grace.

Richard Sinnott, Boston's last official City Censor (yes, there was actually such an official, with just that title), had Dainty sextile Pallas (politics) and the North Node (giving out), square Ceres (nurturance) and trine the South Node (past influence).

Anthony Comstock, an infamous turn-of-the-20th-century American bluenose, had Dainty trine/sextile the Nodes (taking in and giving out) and parallel Mars (aggression).

Jerry Falwell, another man inordinately concerned with the private sexual practices and artistic and entertainment tastes of strangers, which he sees as a form of persecution, has Dainty square Uranus (activism, television) and Juno (rage, relationships).

Phyllis Schafly, a woman with similar views and a horror of expanded women's rights, has Dainty semisquare Uranus and trine the Ascendant (personal interests).

Jimmy Carter, who as president was known for a foreign policy seen by many as unduly mild, has Dainty in the fourth house, square Saturn (career, work, rewards and consequences) and Juno (giving away power).

Neville Chamberlain, a British prime minister infamous for his attempts to appease Hitler, had Dainty semisquare Mercury (ideas, thoughts, communication) and sextile Pallas.

Diminutive figure skater Tara Lipinski, who won the gold medal in women's figure skating at age 15 in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, has Dainty conjunct Saturn and semisquare Uranus. She underwent hip replacement surgery at 19 and is now retired and seeking a new direction.

Gymnast Dominique Moceanu, another physically tiny individual having demonstrated physical grace, fought an ugly courtroom battle with her father over control of her life. She has Dainty decile the Sun (to shine), nonile Saturn, semisquare Jupiter (prosperity, the law), septile Pluto (transformation), and sextile Mercury.

Before the advent of photography, miniature portrait painting was quite popular.

Accomplished, prolific 19th-century American miniature portrait painter Nathaniel Rogers (born August 1, 1787, in Bridgehampton, New York) had Dainty quincunx Venus (art), quindecile Mars (energy) and opposite Jupiter.

British miniaturist Alberto Sangorski (born November 6, 1862, in London) had Dainty conjunct Uranus, sesquiquadrate Venus and quincunx Pallas.

18th-century French miniaturist Joseph Ducreux (born June 26, 1735, in Nancy, France) had Dainty sextile Venus.

Bangladeshi artist Khalid Mahmood Mithu (born January 1, 1960, in Dhaka), who has done miniatures, but no longer, has Dainty conjunct Sekhmet (zeal, necessary destruction), decile Neptune (illusion, glamor, imagination) and square Askalaphus (media).

Frederic Chopin, known for his short, exquisite musical compositions, had Dainty sextile the Sun.

The glyph for Dainty is mine and was inspired by the notorious etiquette question involving forks at the table.

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