Asteroid 2919 Dali was discovered by S.J. "Buddy" Bus at Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia on March 2, 1981, and named for Spanish painter Salvador Dali (1904-1989). Dali has a period of 5 years, 218 days.

Salvador Dali

Astrologically, asteroid Dali seems to be involved with weirdness, unconventionality, surrealism or surreal situations, redefining relationships with time and space. .

The Persistence of Memory, perhaps Salvador Dali's most famous painting.

Walt Disney had Dali in the tenth house, square Pandora (having an impact, making a splash, having a gift) and opposite Chiron (self-damaging; a door-opener). His creative legacy may not stick to the rules of reality (e.g., talking animals), but his tendency to be cute and wholesome long relegated his work to the family-values ghetto.

Albert Einstein, whose work, dealing with the nature of space, time, and gravity, redefined humanity's perception of the universe, had Dali in the tenth house also, conjunct Ceres (nurturance) and 1999 CY118 (inspiring or mobilizing others), semisextile Venus (socialization) and Midheaven, semisquare Mercury (communication, thinking, ideas), and opposite Hylonome (popular appeal) and 1999 CY118.

Jimi Hendrix, a guitar genius who made his own rules as a rock musician, also had Dali in the tenth house, quincunx Uranus (unconventional) and opposite Memnon (a new beginning) and Nessus (reliable but unprepossessing).

UFO maven George Van Tassel had Dali in the third house, sextile Pholus (need to develop courage against power) and Ceres (nurturance), and square 2002 VQ94 (to shatter) and Heracles (to strive against).

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been most successful in science-fiction movies and comedies concerning unusual, even bizarre situations. He is most famous for his role in the Terminator movies as a time-traveling cyborg who can serve either good or evil depending on how he is programmed and by whom. He has Dali in the second house of money-making, on the cusp of the third house of the media, sextile 2002 AW197 and square 1999 OX3 (practical knowledge, "to terminate").

Salvador Dali himself had Dali in the fifth house, semisextile Uranus, biquintile Neptune (imagination), and opposite Sekhmet (zeal).

The glyph for Dali is mine.

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