Asteroid 8084, Dallas, was discovered on February 6, 1989 by Masahiro Koishikawa at Sendai, Miyagi, Japan. Dallas has a period of 5 years, 136 days. It was named for the city in Texas, the state's second-largest and America's eighth-largest. Dallas has been the international sister city of Sendai since 1997.

The skyline of Dallas.

Dallas, nicknamed "Big D", was named for George Dallas, vice-president under James Polk, who admitted Texas to the Union in 1845 and was sent by Polk on a visit to Texas to convey thanks to its people for wanting to become a state. It is an international mercantile, financial and fashion center which grew big on ranching, cotton, and oil and gas, and is also noted for its conservative leanings and for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy there in 1963, a highly public murder which has been blamed on right-wing bigots, some of whom actually cheered the news of Kennedy's death. (Bear in mind that the crowds who witnessed Kennedy's murder were welcoming and that many in Dallas mourned his death.)

Astrologically, asteroid Dallas seems to have to do with wealth, power, conservatism, ambition for something, possibly that which is fashionable, popular or "cool." .

Former singing star and celebrity endorser Anita Bryant, who is unrepentant about her homophobia despite the fact that it messed up her career, has Dallas in the tenth house, conjunct Pelion (finding out how cold and cruel the world can be, falling out of favor), square Atlantis (abuse of power), and trine Minerva (accomplishment).

Beer magnate and heavyweight right-wing political donor Joseph Coors had Dallas semisextile Vesta (dedication), sextile Phaethon (to give a big boost to), square Pandora (to make an impact), trine Circe (to help) and Urania (philosophy), and quincunx Hybris (hubris).

Tom DeLay is famous for his right-wing extremism, strong-arm tactics and nastiness, but has found himself in unlikely alliances with some liberals who share certain aspects of his agenda (e.g., foster parenting). DeLay has Dallas sextile Hidalgo (to push, to promote), square Mars (aggression) and Ceres (nurturance), trine Hephaistos (unlikely or unnatural alliances) and quincunx Persephone (how one deals with transitions).

Ronald Reagan managed to inspire a generation of right-wingers in spite of his age, less-than-sincere profession of conservative values and apparently being out of step with the times in some ways (especially in the early 1980s). Reagan has Dallas in the second house, conjunct Kassandra (talking without anyone listening), sextile Siwa (to break conceptions) and Ceres (nurturance), and trine Juno (relationships) and Cupido (how things appear).

Aaron Spelling is a political liberal whose boyhood home in Dallas (the city) is not much more than a shack and who eventually went on to become one of America's cultural movers and shakers and live in a palatial mansion in Los Angeles that is one of California's biggest private homes. Spelling has asteroid Dallas conjunct the Midheaven in the tenth house, and also conjunct Amor (one's conception of what love is) and Bacchus (fun), semisextile Demeter (real estate), sextile Isis (pulling a lot of things together) and Arachne (handling a complex array of things), square Requiem (to put something to rest), Ceres and the Ascendant, and trine Rhadamanthus (to have a supervisory or controlling position).

Former 1960s left-wing terrorist and current law professor/advocate for children Bernardine Dohrn has Dallas conjunct the IC in the third house, also conjunct Lilith (the marginalized, the rejected), sextile Hopi (patriotism, ambushes), square Terpsichore (agility) and Requiem, and quincunx Lachesis (to decide something should end) and Uranus (leftist beliefs).

Madalyn O'Hair also had Dallas conjunct the IC, but in the fourth house, also conjunct Terpsichore, semisextile Daedalus (a prisoner of one's own device), semisquare the Moon (the public), sextile Lilith, trine Circe and Urania and opposite Icarus (downfall) as well as the Midheaven. She battled entrenched, sometimes vicious forces of tradition in US society, to its benefit, but ended up isolating herself and her family through her unpleasant personality--a fatal mistake, because when she and her son and granddaughter were kidnapped and murdered for their money, it impeded the investigation.

Ozzy Osbourne, working-class English kid turned heavy metal god turned cultural icon, has Dallas conjunct Demeter, semisextile Klotho (what one is made of, circumstances at the beginning), semisquare Mars, Jupiter (success) and Juno, sextile Psyche (to get under one's skin), trine House (things happening at home), and opposite Hopi.

Anna Nicole Smith, whose quest for wealth through her late oil magnate husband's will has been long and hard and high-priced, has Dallas semisextile Pallas and sextile Sisyphus (frustration), Klotho and Eros (what turns one on).

The glyph for Dallas is mine.

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