Asteroid 10332, Défi, was discovered on May 13, 1991 at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California by Carolyn S. Shoemaker and David H. Levy. It has a period of 4 years, 33 days. Défi ("challenge" in French) was named for Défi Corporatif Canderel (Canderel Corporative Challenge), an annual event in Montreal which raises money for cancer research at the local universities.

Astrologically, Defi seems to do what its name suggests: to defy.

Severino Antinori has Defi in the twelfth house (research), conjunct the Moon (motherhood), semisquare Pallas (politics, defending ideals, mental perception), sextile the South Node, square Odysseus (schemes, trine Hidalgo (to promote, to defend), Nessus (crossing boundaries), and the North Node, and contraparallel Chiron (medicine).

Sixties radical and convicted murderer H. Rap Brown has Defi conjunct Varuna (grandiosity, judgment) and both opposite Askalaphus (the media).

César Chavez had Defi in the eighth house, semisextile Juno (the disenfranchised, relating) and trine Saturn (hard work), Don Quixote (crusades) and Lilith (the poor, the disadvantaged, minorities, repressed rage).

Malcolm X had Defi quintile Ceres (nurturance), trine Chiron (lessons taught or learned) and Pholus (issues surrounding respect and fear of power), quincunx Uranus (activism) and Varuna (big, judgmental) and contraparallel Mercury (ideas, thoughts, writings, speeches).

Eldridge Cleaver had Defi in the tenth house, semisextile Phaethon (out of control), undecimal Varuna and Chiron, sextile Vesta (commitment, dedication), square Don Quixote and Chariklo (need to maintain perspective), and trine Neptune (idealism, confusion), Hektor (bullying, aggression) and Stentor (stridency).

Frida Kahlo had Defi in the tenth house also, conjunct Heracles (to strive with), decile the Sun (to shine), sextile the East Point (to be seen by the world as being), quintile Saturn (things being tough, work, career), square Stentor (trumpeted loudly), and sesquiquadrate the South Node (past influences).

Marilyn Manson has Defi in the tenth house as well, square Dolon (taking the heat) and Pholus (having to do with fear of power), trine Varuna, opposite Neptune(wild imagination) and Stentor, and contraparallel Uranus (radical).

Davy Crockett had Defi conjunct Mercury and Varuna, sextile Uranus, Stentor and North Node, trine the South Node (separation), opposite Lilith (things that have to be dealt with) and Nessus, and contraparallel Neptune.

David Duke has Defi square the Sun(celebrity) and Mercury (writings, ideas), sesquiquadrate Jupiter (philosophy, politics), quincunx Heracles (striving, self-destructive behavior) and opposite Achilles (lashing out foolishly).

Nathan Hale had Defi sextile Hidalgo (machismo), quincunx Odysseus(schemes) and contraparallel Uranus (new ideas, revolution).

Miguel Hidalgo had Defi square Pandora (unintended consequences, stirring things up, having an impact), sesquiquadrate Pluto (transformation, mass movements, the unforgettable) and quincunx Hidalgo (to assert; in this case, a personal-name asteroid).

Pope John Paul II has Defi in the ninth house of religion, semisextile the Sun, square Agamemnon (generalship) and the Ascendant (personal interests or appearance), and trine Chaos (activism) and Juno (relationships).

Nelson Mandela has Defi semisextile Heracles, square Pallas (politics, mental perception), trine Jupiter, quincunx Hektor (bravery, confrontation) and Asbolus (being true to oneself; listening and being listened to--or not; terrible experiences), parallel Chiron (ingenuity, the maverick, the teacher) and contraparallel Mars (to fight).

The glyph for Defi is mine.

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