Asteroid 1588 Descamisada was discovered on June 27, 1951 by Argentinian astronomer Miguel Itzigsohn at La Plata Observatory in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has a period (year) of 5 years, 105 days.

Descamisado in Spanish literally means "shirtless man" and is a symbol of Argentinian labor unions, which the asteroid's namesake, legendary Argentinian first lady Eva Duarte de Per`on (1919-1952) adopted; she was called La Primera Descamisada (The First Descamisada). Being a woman, she was a descamisada--feminine--not a descamisado. Her husband Juan Domingo Per`on attained the presidency of Argentina in 1946 on the Labor Party ticket; his main supporters were the poor workers, the descamisados, and Per`on's campaign train was called El Descamisado.

Eva Per`on--The First Descamisada

From this comes a number of possible meanings, not just union activity, heavy physical exertion, or hard work for low pay (the shirtless worker), but being cheated or taking a heavy loss, especially when losing a gamble("losing one's shirt"), impatience("keep your shirt on"), being flogged(which usually occurs when one is shirtless); sports in which male participants are normally stripped to the waist such boxing, swimming, and wrestling; and exotic dancing("topless").

Candy Barr(nee Juanita Slusher), a famed exotic dancer of the 1950s and 1960s, is one example.

Candy Barr, kiddie-porn star at the age of 15(the film, Smart Aleck, showed her being raped in a motel room and forced to smile as if she enjoyed it while it was going on); stripper(a ground-breaker in that area), girlfriend of mobsters, martyr to draconian Fifties drug laws and puritanical attitudes. She ran away from home at 13 to escape the dislike of her stepmother, and the rest, as they say, is history. She did prison time for marijuana possession in Dallas in the 1960s. Published a book of poetry in the 1970s. She is now 66, broke, disabled, living on SSI out in the country near her hometown, Edna, Texas, a small town about 90 miles southwest of Houston. Having been married and divorced four times, she says she's through with men, and also with dancing, though sometimes she says she feels like it; like Greta Garbo, she wants to be left alone. She says she never was interested in trying to arouse men; all she wanted to do was dance. However, she was an extremely sexy dancer.

With exotic dancers nowadays a dime a dozen, it may be hard to imagine the impact she had and the publicity she got in the repressed 1950s.

Candy Barr

6 July 1935

4:00 a.m.CST

Edna, TX

Source: Lois Rodden, *Astro-Data IV*(p.13)

Descamisada 27 Scorpio 00 R posited in 6th house

Chimaera 29 Scorpio 55

Lilith 12 Cancer 27

Sun 13 Cancer 24(both sesquiquadrate; Sun rules 3rd house)

Mercury 25 Gemini 38(rules Ascendant and 4th house)

Nessus 27 Aries 17

Lachesis 27 Aries 27

Bacchus 23 Taurus 44

Asbolus 26 Taurus 52

Paradise 28 Taurus 50

(visions of how things should be)

Ceres 23 Leo 00

Panacea 26 Leo 28

(fixing or curing things)

Isis 27 Leo 53

Venus 28 Leo 42(rules 5th & 12th house)

Ate 29 Leo 44

Damocles 23 Aquarius 55 R

Uranus 4 Taurus 59(contraparallel; co-rules 9th house of legal involvement)

Pluto 25 Cancer 17

Pallas 29 Cancer 19

Krok 1 Leo 24

Varuna 11 Aries 21

Urania 12 Gemini 21

Nabokov 12 Gemini 26

(forbidden fruit, guilty pleasures)

Chiron 13 Gemini 00

--all quindecile Descamisada

Lancelot 24 Libra 02(heroism, conquest)

Medusa 24 Libra 43(intense impact;both undecimal Descamisada)

Neptune 12 Virgo 17(squile; rules dance & the 10th house of Candy Barr's chart; disposes her elevated Saturn and Vesta)


Danny Almonte, the Dominican-born Little League pitching star disqualified after the 2001 Little League World Series when it was discovered that his parents had forged his birth certificate to make him appear 12 when he was actually 14 and therefore too old to play Little League, has Descamisada at 28 Virgo 54, sesquiquadrate Vesta, sextile Pallas and square Uranus.

Muhammad Ali has Descamisada conjunct his Part of Fortune, sextile his Mars, quintile his Vesta, semisquare his Pallas, tredecile his Juno, quincunx his Pluto, square his Black Moon, and parallel his Mercury and Pholus. He would sometimes say before boxing matches in which round he intended to knock out his opponent and then proceed to do just that. He called himself "The Greatest", and many would agree with him. He was known to use his position to protest America's treatment of black people. He now suffers from Parkinson's disease and his daughter Leila carries on the family boxing tradition.

Vicki Morgan, who was the mistress of the department-store magnate Alfred Bloomingdale for 12 years for S&M sex and was cut off after his 1983 death from cancer, had Descamisada sesquiquadrate the Sun, Lilith and Black Moon, opposite Vesta, semisquare Juno, sextile Pholus, decile Varuna and quincunx Rhiannon(escapes, accusations). She was murdered by a man she hung out with shortly after Bloomingdale's death.

Moses Flesher, a sugar-company worker killed by burns after hot sugar spilled on him(his supervisor forgot to turn off the flow), had Descamisada on his Descendant, opposite the Moon, quincunx the Sun and square Pallas in the 4th house. He was allegedly a wife-beater and alcoholic.

The glyph for Descamisada is my own invention and is derived from a labor-union symbol: two hands performing a handshake.

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