Asteroid 20461, Dioretsa was discovered June 8, 1999 by the LINEAR at Socorro, New Mexico. It has a period of 115 years, 307 days. Its name ("asteroid" spelled backwards) comes from the fact that it is the first known numbered asteroid to have a retrograde orbit.

Astrologically, Dioretsa seems to indicate unfitness, incompetence, ineptitude, impairment, getting rid of something, "chickens coming home to roost," that is, dealing with the consequences of one's actions. It has also been linked by Raymond Andrews to learning disabilities, cryptography and code breaking and may also have to do with puzzles.

The late Strom Thurmond was instrumental in making the Republican Party a party of Southern conservatism. He had Dioretsa (unable to beat the rap for something, misguided behavior) semisextile Rhadamanthus (to judge), sextile Neptune (ideals; denial; delusion), trine Elatus (self-expression, speaking eloquently and perhaps misleadingly), and quincunx Aquilegia (tragedy [i.e., the Civil War] exploited for political reasons)

"Who got you where you is, Br'er Rabbit? Nobody else in de whole roun' world."

Ted Nugent, a veteran heavy-metal rocker known as the Motor City Madman, known for his cartoonish caveman act, propensity for hunting his own meat, support for the NRA, public racist remarks, and right-wing political beliefs in general, was born December 13, 1948, in Detroit, with Dioretsa semisextile Okyrhoe (dealing with criticism) and 2000 QC243 ("Negative: full of guilt and shame, projected onto others" says Phil Sedgwick); trine Thereus (wild, ability to work with others) and Sekhmet (appropriate or controlled destruction), quincunx Vesta (committed, dedicated, emotionally distanced)

Albert Dowdy of Grants Pass, Oregon broke into a house there to steal food. Unfortunately (for him), he used a can of white paint to try and break a sliding glass door to get in; the glass didn't break, but the paint spilled all over the ground, and Dowdy stepped in it, thereby providing the police with a way to track him back to the motel where he lived. Born November 13, 1980, according to the police report, Dowdy has Dioretsa square Mars (aggression, crime) and Neptune (confusion, paint) and trine 2002 AW197 and Nessus (lessons regarding respecting boundaries).

Fred Dale (born January 20, 1939), the husband of former Boston child-protective services worker Thomasine "Willie" Dale, ended up arrested along with her for battering their niece and nephew. Fred Dale has Dioretsa conjunct Saturn (consequences, imprisonment), Hylonome (the cry of the helpless), and Varuna (judgmental, inflated), undecimal Ceres (family, nurturance), sextile 1994 TA (soiled), and trine Pholus (a foolish and abnormal spectacle) .

Disgraced televangelist Jimmy Swaggart

Linda Schultz (born February 22, 1967), of Stowe, Pennsylvania, was arrested for making various obscene gestures at her nieces and nephew with a sex toy and hitting them with it. She has Dioretsa trine Juno (giving away power) and quincunx Ixion (lust) and Mars (aggression).

Kenneth Patrick Porche, Jr. (born July 3, 1980), of Houma, Louisiana was caught surreptitiously collecting urine samples from unsuspecting female shoppers in a local department store by rigging the toilet. He has Dioretsa conjunct 2002 VE95 (qualified blessing) and opposite Mars.

Idi Amin, the Ugandan tyrant whose mad behavior gave white racists ammunition to protest black rule.

Donald Regan, White House chief of staff under Ronald Reagan, didn't do well in Washington and was held partly to blame for the Iran-contra scandal in the official report on it. In a tell-all book published after he was forced out, he revealed that Nancy Reagan, who was largely responsible for his departure, used astrology to plan her husband's schedule while he was president. He had Dioretsa semisextile Pelion (life is tough, having to earn one's keep to stay in the game), sextile Chaos, quintile Damocles (politics, drastic change), and trine Mercury (writings).

Theodore Kaczynski

Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, has Dioretsa semisextile Phaethon (loss of control, a phenomenon), sextile Thereus (wildness), square Huya (something missing, environmentalism), and trine Hidalgo (to assert, promote or defend).

Now-deceased San Antonio exhibitionist Joseph Gottschalk (born December 16, 1950), who used to go bicycling through the city streets wearing only a thong, which just barely failed to break the state law against indecent exposure, had Dioretsa conjunct Yarilo (a naive hippie-like viewpoint), square Uranus (unconventional, rebellious) and Savage, and opposite Quaoar (to question or create).

Former minor-league professional baseball player Ila Borders, who endured a tremendous amount of abuse in order to play, has Dioretsa square Thersites (to protest or object to), trine Eros (what turns one on), and quincunx Huya.

Nicole Gonzales, an 11-year-old Oklahoma girl (born November 27, 1991) died along with her trucker father and baby brother when she crashed her father's semi on a Texas highway while apparently attempting to drive him to a doctor when he experienced heart trouble. She had Dioretsa conjunct Quetzalcoatl (the flawed hero) square Casanova (selfish pleasure) and Icarus, trine Photographica (visual memory), sesquiquadrate Dolon (nerve, grace under pressure), and quincunx Tezcatlipoca (taking, criminal behavior [e.g. unlicensed driving), Hidalgo (to assert, protect or defend) and Hekate (breakdown of self-image). While her desire to help her father was all right, and being allowed to drive was no doubt thrilling, she was not qualified to do so; hers was an act of desperation that failed disastrously.

Nicole's father Luis Gonzales (born January 23, 1968) had Dioretsa trine Wil, Askalaphus (medical issues, to divulge) and Hidalgo; and quincunx Ceres (family, nurturance). He was essentially forced to drive in spite of chest pains by economic need.

Melvin Negron allegedly tried to steal merchandise from a Target discount store in Bonita Springs, Florida (on the Gulf Coast south of Fort Myers in Lee County) by concealing it beneath his 6-month-old daughter's body. When confronted by a store security guard, Negron, according to the police report, put the child down in the shopping cart and fled, leaving the baby behind. He was charged with theft and child neglect. Born on November 16, 1963 (according to the police report), Negron has Dioretsa quincunx Pelion and also involved in a Kite, trining Rhadamanthus (in a supervisory position, acting as a judge) and Roachapproach (icky) and sextiling Nessus (greed, encroachment on boundaries), which is sextile Rhadamanthus and opposite Roachapproach.

Shannen Doherty, who has a drunk-driving conviction and a reputation for temper, turbulent relationships with men, and somewhat erratic behavior which was treated with excessive severity and perhaps overpublicized, has Dioretsa in the seventh house of open enemies and partners, sextile Varuna (judgmental, blown out of proportion) and Stentor (loudly proclaimed), quincunx Quaoar (under the microscope) and opposite Lilith (repressed rage, marginalization, the bad girl).

Roseanne Barr, who butchered "The Star-Spangled Banner" on national TV at a baseball game, managed to destroy her relationship with her parents and lurched through a passionate, short-lived, toxic marriage with fellow comedian Tom Arnold, has Dioretsa in the third house of the media, sextile the Ascendant (personal interests and appearance), square Chiron (the maverick, self-wounding) and Rhadamanthus, and trine Agamemnon (attacks, doing what one believes has to be done).

Richard Nixon had Dioretsa in the eighth house of legacies, sextile Hylonome (popular sentiment), square Pandora (making a splash, having an impact), trine Quaoar and 1998 BU48 (the way things are), and quincunx Eureka (discoveries) and 2002 TX300 (rough-hewn).

The glyph for Dioretsa, meant to suggest a Breathalyzer, is mine.

I wrote this article about Dioretsa for GAIA, the newsletter of AST SIG, the asteroid special interest group of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR).

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