Discovered February 21, 1980 by Ludmilla G. Karachkina at Nauchnyj, Ukraine, Disneya has a period of 4 years, 58 days. It was named after Walter Elias "Walt" Disney (1901-1966), American movie producer, animation genius and founder of The Walt Disney Company and Disney theme parks such as Disneyland.

Walt Disney

Astrologically, Disneya seems to indicate "family values."

Jonathan Dunn has also linked Disneya with bringing together different times and places.

Walt Disney had Disneya in the third house, conjunct Mercury.

Country/gospel singer Randy Travis has Disneya in the sixth house, conjunct 1996 RX33 (highly rebellious, contentious, or confident and self-assured) and trine Thersander (coming into one's own).

Maria von Trapp, whose life was immortalized in the film The Sound of Music, had Disneya in the eleventh house of love received, square Pluto (unforgettable) and 1996 RX33, trine Pallas and the Vertex (significant or ideal relationships), and quincunx 2002 TC302 (stress, the political climate of a given time).

Homophobe and "family values" activist Anita Bryant has Disneya in the seventh house of open enemies, sextile Juno (marriage, the disadvantaged), Nessus (predation, need to heal negative emotions) and Okyrhoe (loyalty to personal needs).

Shannen Doherty, who worked for Michael Landon and others in family-oriented films early in her career, has Disneya in the tenth house, sextile Saturn (work, rewards and punishments) and sesquiquadrate Jupiter (expansion, recklessness).

Oscar Wilde, who was victimized by the repressive sexual mores of Victorian Britain, had Disneya in the twelfth house of self-undoing, sextile Juno (relationships, giving away one's power).

Liberace, who was careful and zealous about dispelling any hints that he might be gay, had Disneya in the third house of the media, conjunct Uranus (homosexuality), sextile Mercury, and trine the Midheaven.

The glyph for Disneya—meant to suggest Walt Disney's most famous creation, Mickey Mouse—is mine.

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