Asteroid 24899 Dominiona was discovered on January 14, 1997, at Dominion Observatory in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada by G.C.L. Aikman. It has a period of 3 years, 221 days.

Pope John Paul II

Dominiona was named for Canada(officially, the Dominion of Canada). From Minor Planet Circular(MPC) #44110:

24899 Dominiona...Named in honor of Canada. Officially the "Dominion of Canada" under the Constitution Acts of 1867 and 1982, such designation was inspired by Psalm 72, verse 8: "'He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.'"

The former KGB headquarters in Moscow.

Astrologically, Dominiona seems to indicate dominion, holding sway over many people, the desire for hegemony, imperialism, domination, dictatorship, fascism, storm-trooper tactics.

"Dominion" may just mean the peaceful, benign, common desire to set up your own space and maintain and protect it, a certain need for independence and autonomy, or a "private property, no trespassing" attitude. Canada, being a sovereign nation, constitutes its own government, makes and enforces its own laws, and protects its own borders. It is a peaceful and generally decent nation, but like any nation with a history, there are bad things in its history, incidents in which minorities got walked upon.

"We defiled our race."

Marion "Pat" Robertson, well-known businessman, far-right-wing politician, and minister impersonator.

Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones and Ariel Sharon all have or had Dominiona prominent. Hitler had it conjunct the Midheaven(on the tenth-house side); Jim Jones had it in the fourth house conjunct the Sun(and Chiron); and Ariel Sharon has it in the second house, conjunct the Moon(and Fisher). He is pretty much democratic, unlike Hitler or Jones, and seems to care more about world opinion than Hitler, but many consider Sharon's treatment of the Palestinians steel-fisted and he has been accused(not without right)of perpetrating atrocities against them.

Remember, though, that Dominiona is not that likely to manifest in such a dire manner. Porn star turned anti-porn activist Linda Boreman, who went by Linda Lovelace when she was making porno movies such as the classic Deep Throat and was reportedly coerced into making them by her ex-husband, had Dominiona conjunct Don Quixote, Bandersnatch and Kafka in the second house, cusping the third.

Betty Ford, who expanded the frontiers of feminism through her outspokenness as First Lady, has Dominiona opposite Damocles and Thersander and opposite Volta.

The glyph for Dominiona, suggesting hobnailed boots, is my own conception. "Imagine a boot stomping on a human face...forever," the doomed nonconformist Winston Smith was told by his chief torturer Comrade O'Brien in Orwell's classic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Hobnailed boots are military footwear that have been sometimes been used in the past as mountain-climbing gear. Nancy Sinatra and Megadeth both recorded songs that describe the asteroid's self-protective nature: "These boots are made for walking/And that's just what they'll do/One of these things these boots are gonna walk all over you." And those who wear out their welcome in a place are said to "get the boot."

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