Asteroid 8804, Eliason, was discovered on May 5, 1981 by Carolyn S. Shoemaker and Eugene M. Shoemaker at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. Eliason has a period of 5 years, 228 days.

It was named for US Geological Service imaging specialist Eric M. Eliason (born 1949), whose expertise has been used in support of the Voyager and Mars Observer projects and the Clementine Mission to the Moon.

The Greek phrase Kyrie, eliason, found in ancient Christian prayers and rituals such as Masses and the Ministration at the Time of Death and the Anointing (also known as "last rites") means "Lord, have mercy."

Astrologically, Eliason seems to indicate being in need of mercy, falling flat on one's face..

Hubert Prior "Rudy" Vallee (born July 28, 1901, in Island Pond, Vermont), the 1930s singer and actor who recorded "As Time Goes By" (originally), "Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries"...and "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?," and reportedly rescued the sheet-music industry from oblivion in the 1930s almost singlehandedly, had Eliason undecimal Lilith (the marginalized) and trine Uranus (to energize) and Heracles (strength).

Homeless advocate Mitch Snyder had Eliason sextile Pallas (politics, civilized values), square Mars (energy, assertion), trine Saturn (work, depression), biquintile Neptune (charity, idealism), and quindecile Jupiter (generosity, philosophy).

Dallas-area philanthropist Bea Salazar has Eliason semisextile Dioretsa (veering off course), tredecile Mercury and Jupiter and trine Chiron (the key, the door-opener). After becoming disabled as a result of a workplace accident, she began working again as a Spanish translator for the welfare department and then began to work with needy kids after finding herself having to feed a little neighbor boy she found rummaging in a dumpster for food.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul-area philanthropist Mary Jo Copeland (born October 23, 1942, in Rochester, Minnesota), who works with the homeless and who came from an impoverished, abusive family, has Eliason septile Vesta, sextile Mercury (ideas), Cruithne (one's roots) and Chariklo (need to keep perspective), quintile Neptune, trine Dioretsa (off course), and opposite Saturn.

Christopher Reeve, who became an activist for the disabled and for stem-cell research after becoming a quadriplegic as the result of a riding accident, had Eliason in the second house, quintile the Moon, trine Pholus (courage before power), quincunx Cruithne (a brand name), and opposite Pallas and Chaos (activism).

Lionel Aldridge (born February 14, 1941 in Evergreen, California), a former professional football player and sportscaster who went on a long, strange journey wandering around America homeless when he developed schizophrenia, had Eliason square Pallas and tredecile Ceres (to nurture).

Stanley Burrell, aka MC Hammer, aka Hammer, a rap star of the early 1990s who watched his popularity decline and ended up filing for bankruptcy, and has donated proceeds from his record sales to 9-11-related charities, has Eliason in the eleventh house, conjunct Hylonome (popular appeal, wonderment) and Ceres (to nurture), decile Venus (art, singing), semisquare Pallas, square Jupiter (prosperity) and Cruithne, and trine the Moon (the public).

Mexican teen Jesica Santill&225n, whose family brought her into the US illegally in order to obtain for her a heart-lung transplant, only to see her die when surgeons in North Carolina mistakenly gave her organs of the wrong blood type, had Eliason sextile Juno (human rights), square Chariklo (glamorization, need to keep perspective), parallel the North Node (connections), and contraparallel Mars (bold and decisive action, surgery) and the South Node (separations).

Bill Clinton, who reformed the US welfare system and, during the political crisis created by his political enemies out of his affair with a White House intern, found himself at the mercy of the American people, the Senate and his wife (who nearly left him), has Eliason in the eleventh house of politics, conjunct the Sun (to shine, chief executive), semisquare Venus (love, values), and trine Pallas (politics), Varuna (grown big, judgment) and Heracles (to struggle with).

The glyph for Eliason is mine.

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