Elst-Pizarro, discovered on July 14, 1996 at La Silla Observatory, is a comet that, after its discovery by Eric W. Elst and Guido Pizarro, was found to be identical with a previously discovered asteroid that had been numbered 7968. There are two other asteroids that are also comets, or comets that are also asteroids: 2060 Chiron, first of the Centaur class of outer-system asteroids, and 4021 Wilson-Harrington. Elst-Pizarro has a period of 5 years, 219 days.

Astrologically, Elst-Pizarro seems to be quite negative and destructive.

Al DeGuzman (born October 21, 1981), who was caught planning to set off bombs at his junior college in Cupertino, California, has Elst-Pizarro semisextile Varuna (to make huge, judgment) and 1998 BU48 (the way things are), sextile Pallas (conception, planning), Sekhmet (destruction) and Don Quixote (taking on the system), and square Saturn (consequences, penalties).

Convicted child-murderer David Westerfield has Elst-Pizarro semisextile 1996 TL66 (to bring something to an end; figurative Armageddon), semisquare Venus (values), square Stentor (loudly proclaimed) and Agamemnon (a sudden, violent attack), trine Eureka (being found out) and Pelion (falling off track, harsh and cold), and quincunx Neptune (deceit, derangement).

Napoleon Beazley, who was executed by the state of Texas for a carjacking murder committed when he was 17, had Elst-Pizarro conjunct Achilles (a lapse of self-control) and quincunx Damocles (drastic change).

Mohammed Atta (born September 1, 1968), the leader of the 9-11 hijackers, had Elst-Pizarro conjunct 2002 TX300 (lack of sophistication), sextile 2002 VQ94 (to shatter), Chaos and Cruithne (expressing [an aberration] of one's religion and culture; to stigmatize), square Odysseus (ruses, planning, extensive travel), and trine Sekhmet (zealous destruction).

The 9-11 chart has Elst-Pizarro in the second house, on the third cusp, conjunct Pluto (mass murder), trine 2002 AW197 (global impact) and 1992 QB1 (powerful ideology, martyrdom), and quincunx 1996 TL66 (to bring to an end, a sort of Judgment Day).

The Chernobyl nuclear accident chart has Elst-Pizarro in the fourth house, trine Ceres (nurturance, food) and Asbolus (ordeals, pollution).

The chart for the Hiroshima nuclear bombing has Elst-Pizarro in the fourth house, sextile Vesta (dedication), square Jupiter, trine Pandora (unintended consequences, making a splash, having an impact), Sekhmet and Varuna (something huge), and opposite Asbolus and 1999 CY118 (something monstrous and artificial).

The chart for the Challenger space-shuttle accident had Elst-Pizarro in the eleventh house of politics, on the 12th cusp, square Astyanax (to be sacrificed on the altar of the greater good). Political pressure leading to a rushed disregard for safety is said to have contributed to the accident.

The chart for the Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire in Boston had Elst-Pizarro on the Ascendant in the twelfth house of secrets and self-undoing, sextile Saturn (consequences) and Thersites (to condemn), square 1999 TD10 (invasion by evil) and trine Venus (outrage, nightlife, values).

The glyph for Elst-Pizzaro is mine.

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