Asteroid 1810 Epimetheus was discovered on September 24, 1960 by C.J. Van Houten and Ingrid Van Houten-Groeneveld at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 3 years, 115 days. They named it for Epimetheus, a Titan who created the animals in Hellenic mythology; Iapetus' son, Prometheus' and Atlas' brother, Pandora's husband, father of Pyrrha, who with Prometheus' son Deucalion repopulated the world from the stones after a great flood sent by Zeus to destroy sinful humanity.


Epimetheus' name means "afterthought" in Greek, and he was said to be a scatterbrained, disorganized, impulsive individual who was always getting in trouble and getting others in trouble by acting first and thinking later. He bestowed nearly every positive quality upon the beasts, leaving almost nothing for Prometheus("forethought"), who created humans, to give to them.

"The Entry Of The Animals Into Noah's Ark," by Jan Breughel

He accepted Pandora as a bride from Zeus despite being warned by Prometheus never to accept anything from Zeus; Pandora, out of curiosity, opened a box given her by Hermes which he'd warned her never to open, and all the evils of the world escaped, leaving behind only Hope.

It is this that seems to indicate asteroid Epimetheus' influence: afterthought, acting first and thinking later, impulsiveness, disorganization, lack of method, being scatterbrained, slipping through the cracks, finding out too late.

Mountaineer George Mallory, who neglected his marriage for the sake of adventure and, along with Andrew Irvine, died trying to climb Mount Everest without adequate preparation, had Epimetheus conjunct Academia, semisquare Juno, square Persephone, trine Saturn and the South Node, and opposite Venus and Whiterabbit.

Jeffrey Dahmer, who scored several incredible escapes during his career of nmurder before the law finally got him, had Epimetheus in the fifth house, conjunct the South Node, decile Ixion, sextile Venus, square Juno, trine the Midheaven, sesquiquadrate Neptune, quadnonagon Pluto, quindecile the Part of Fortune, and opposite the North Node.

Andrea Yates, whose life was ruined by an inept psychiatrist and an insensitive husband, has Epimetheus prominent, conjunct Mars(and Hylonome), and also semisquare Asbolus, sextile Chaos, square Pluto and Vesta, trine Damocles, and sesquiquadrate Ixion.

Jeane Dixon, who made her name when she predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy, also has Epimetheus conjunct Mars, and also the Black Moon; semisextile Nessus; undecimal Hidalgo; square Pallas and the East Point; trine Pluto; opposite the Moon.

Liv Tyler, who only found out her birth father was rocker Steven Tyler when she was a teenager after attending an Aerosmith concert, has Epimetheus conjunct Mars, too, as does 14-year-old Canadian murder victim Leslie Mahaffey, who shares her birth date(July 1, 1977). Mahaffey was picked up by serial killer Paul Bernardo in a Burlington, Ontario convenience-store parking lot after being locked out of the house by her parents for missing a curfew. Both also have Epimetheus sextile Don Quixote, Heracles and Hylonome, square Saturn, Asbolus, Pholus, Lilith and Vesta and opposite Juno in their charts.

Famously eccentric, once-divorced John "Ozzy" Osbourne has Epimetheus conjunct Persephone, square Ramirez, Pholus and Skepticus, trine Hatshepsut and Kafka, quincunx Chaos and Phaethon, and opposite Hidalgo.

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