Asteroid 5095, Escalante, was discovered on July 10, 1983, by Edward Bowell at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. He named it for Bolivian-born American high-school math teacher Jaime Escalante (born 1930), who, through careful planning, the cooperation of his Los Angeles barrio public school's administrators, hard work and dedication, achieved spectacular results with his mainly Latino, lower-income students, who had been given up upon. The story was told in a rather sensationalized Hollywood way in the film Stand and Deliver, which starred Edward James Olmos as Escalante. Eventually, though, changes in the administration, loss of previously available educational resources and the jealousy of his fellow teachers drove Escalante out of Los Angeles.

Jaime Escalante

Asteroid Escalante has a period of 3 years, 288 days.

Astrologically, Escalante indicates ingenuity, shattering stereotypes and despair, gifted, to be victimized by envy or to otherwise come under attack.

Ada Byron, inventor of binary numbering, conceived a mechanical (as opposed to an electronic) computer, which her husband Charles Babbage built. She had Escalante in the seventh house, conjunct Chaos (pattern-smashing).

Legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo had Escalante in the fifth house, conjunct Lilith (feminism), square Saturn (work) and Damocles (pushing the envelope, challenging the system), trine Asbolus (awful things, having to do with being true to oneself) and Hektor (bravery), and opposite Pluto (the unforgettable), Pallas (mental perception), and Hidalgo (self-promotion, self-assertion, Hispanic culture.

Muhammad Ali had Escalante on the Descendant, seventh-house side (opponents, rivals, enemies), conjunct Venus(values), sextile Vesta (commitment) and Varuna (grandiosity), quintile Mars (aggression, athletics), and square Saturn (career, work, rewards, consequences), as well as opposite the Ascendant.

Margaret Thatcher had Escalante in the eleventh house of politics, conjunct Mercury (speech, writins, thoughts, ideas), sextile Neptune (ideals) and Pholus (respect, overcoming fear of power), trine Pallas (politics) and the Vertex, quincunx Varuna(growing huge), and opposite Chiron ("it ain't necessarily so.").

Harvey Milk had Escalante on the Ascendant; it also was conjunct Damocles (drastic change, challenging the system), and sextile Mars (energy), Asbolus ("to thine own self be true", awful experiences, to listen and be heard), Lilith (something that has to be dealt with) and Nessus (criminality), trine Jupiter (politics, philosophy), sesquiquadrate Ceres (nurturance), and opposite Odysseus (schemes).

César Chavez had Escalante in the eighth house of legacies, cusping the ninth house of the law, conjunct Nessus, sextile Mars, Chariklo(need to keep perspective, glamor) and Damocles, and trine Ceres and the Ascendant.

The glyph for Escalante is mine.

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