Asteroid 2253, Espinette, was discovered on July 30, 1932 by Georges Van Biesbroeck at Williams Bay, Wisconsin, southwest of Milwaukee, and also co-discovered independently on July 31, 1932 by Cyril Jackson at Johannesburg, South Africa and on August 4, 1932 by Grigory N. Neujmin at Simeis, Ukraine. Van Biesbroeck gets the credit.

Espinette, which has a period of 3 years, 165 days, is named for Van Biesbroeck's home in Williams Bay. For many of the 45 years Van Biesbroeck worked at the Yerkes Observatory, his family fed and housed students and astronomers visiting from all over the world. The name originally belonged to a little cafe in a Brussels park and was proposed by Van Biesbroeck's children, Edwin Van Biesbroeck, Simone Van Biesbroeck Titus and Micheline Van Biesbroeck Wilson.

Astrologically, Espinette seems to be about hanging out, congregating for some purpose, meeting and being together.

Espinette may have some connection to the restaurant business; restaurants are, after all, quite often meeting places, even when they're designed as places to eat rather than dine (i.e., fast-food places).

Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's, had Espinette semisquare Pluto (corporations, mass movements) and square Mercury (ideas, communication, writings).

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's, who frequently plugged his own restaurants on TV, had Espinette square Vesta (dedication).

Glen Bell, the founder of Taco Bell, has Espinette sextile Mercury and quintile Vesta.

Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, had Espinette conjunct Venus (sociability), square Jupiter (generosity), and sesquiquadrate the North Node/semisquare the South Node (connections, taking out and giving in). He started out cooking for people who stopped at his Corbin, Kentucky gas station. After closing his gas station, he took his pressure cooker and chicken on the road, selling fried chicken franchises to people by cooking the chicken for them.

Virginia Woolf, who was noted for her and her husband's informal literary gatherings, had Espinette in the second house, sextile Saturn (career, work) and Vesta, quintile Uranus (the maverick), quincunx the Sun (to shine, to lead) and Midheaven, and opposite Juno (marriage).

Sylvia Beach, an expatriate American publisher and bookseller in Paris who also had a salon and was imprisoned during the German occupation of France during World War II, had Espinette semisquare Jupiter (foreign travel, publishing, prosperity), trine Venus and opposite Chiron (the maverick, self-wounding, need to pay attention).

Ken Kesey, who in the Sixties was noted for his merry peripatetic hippie following, had Espinette in the tenth house, conjunct Jupiter (travel, expansiveness), sextile the North Node/trine the South Node, and square the Ascendant (personal interests).

Charles Manson, a man infamous for the vicious cult murders committed by his sinister Family, has, among other things, Espinette semisquare the Sun, sextile Vesta, trine the Moon (the public, women) and quincunx Pallas (politics; the puella, i.e., woman seeking a father figure) and the Ascendant.

Radio talk-show host Art Bell, a specialist in the weird, has Espinette in the twelfth house, square Uranus (broadcasting, the unconventional and bizarre).

The glyph for Espinette is mine.

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