Asteroid 12916, Eteoneus, was discovered on October 12, 1998 by the OCA-DLR Asteroid Survey at Caussols, Alpes-Maritimes, France. It has a period of 11 years, 331 days.

It was named for the weapon-carrier of King Menelaus of Sparta during the Trojan War, later Menelaus' butler. He greeted Odysseus at the door of Menelaus' palace in Book 4 of The Odyssey:

So the neighbours and kinsmen of Menelaus were feasting and making merry in his house. There was a bard also to sing to them and play his lyre, while two tumblers went about performing in the midst of them when the man struck up with his tune.

Telemachus and the son of Nestor stayed their horses at the gate, whereon Eteoneus servant to Menelaus came out, and as soon as he saw them ran hurrying back into the house to tell his Master. He went close up to him and said, "Menelaus, there are some strangers come here, two men, who look like sons of [Zeus]. What are we to do? Shall we take their horses out, or tell them to find friends elsewhere as they best can?"

Menelaus was very angry and said, "Eteoneus, son of Boethous, you never used to be a fool, but now you talk like a simpleton. Take their horses out, of course, and show the strangers in that they may have supper; you and I have stayed often enough at other people's houses before we got back here, where heaven grant that we may rest in peace henceforward."

So Eteoneus bustled back and bade other servants come with him. They took their sweating hands from under the yoke, made them fast to the mangers, and gave them a feed of oats and barley mixed. Then they leaned the chariot against the end wall of the courtyard, and led the way into the house. Telemachus and Pisistratus were astonished when they saw it, for its splendour was as that of the sun and moon; then, when they had admired everything to their heart's content, they went into the bath room and washed themselves.

Asteroid Eteoneus seems to indicate what this story would suggest: serving others without independent thought, slavishly following direction, need to develop initiative/independence/creativity.

The glyph for Eteoneus is mine.

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