Asteroid 21451 Fisher was discovered on April 28, 1998, at Prescott, Arizona, USA by Paul G. Comba, who named it for distinguished British statistician Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher(1890-1962). Asteroid Fisher has a period of 3 years, 161 days.

Ronald Fisher

Astrologically, Fisher seems to relate to investigation, persecution, looking restlessly or "trolling" for something, evangelism, recruitment, taking it easy or not working for a living, possibly concern with fishing or statistics.

Bob Dylan, whose reinventions of himself and his musical style are myriad and legendary, has Fisher parallel the Moon(the public, women), semisquare Mercury(writings), parallel Chiron(ingenuity, to teach or invent), nonile South Node(past conditioning), quincunx the Part of Fortune(success, life's unfoldment), conjunct Black Moon(wild, unpredictable), parallel Pandora(to have an impact, unforeseeable consequences, cascading events), and contraparallel Lacrimosa("singing the blues").

Joseph McCarthy, who started the 1950s witch-hunt against Communists, other leftists, liberals and pacifists known as the Red Scare, had Fisher in the seventh house of open enemies, biseptile the Moon, conjunct the Sun(to shine), semisextile Mars(aggression, militarism), quadraundecimal Saturn(career, consequences), septile Uranus(the political left), undecimal Vesta(commitment), semisquare Part of Fortune and the Vertex(significant relationships), semisextile Hidalgo(to push one's agenda), opposite Pittsburghia(seriousness, inner depths), conjunct Sherlock(to nose things out), and contraparallel Volta(to galvanize).

Billy Graham, who is famed for his(past) Christian missionary work, has Fisher in the seventh house, sextile Mars(energy), Saturn(hard work), and Pallas(political ideas), trine Phaethon(out of control), sextile Don Quixote(to take on the way things are), parallel McAuliffe(to create liabilities), contraparallel Pittsburghia, square Tara(easy journeys, success) and quincunx Lacrimosa(to bleed for people).

Marshall Applewhite, leader of the notorious Heaven's Gate cult, had Fisher in the second house, square Venus(love, values), sextile Don Quixote, semisextile Asbolus(awful things, refusing to follow instinct, bad advice taken), sextile McAuliffe, parallel Pittsburghia, and quincunx Ramirez(to invade with evil).

John Lennon was with The Beatles in the 1960s; at several points in the 1970s he played "Mr.Mom" with son Sean while his wife Yoko Ono served as the family breadwinner, and he died at the hands of a deranged assassin who shortly before killing him had sought his autograph. Lennon had Fisher in the tenth house of career and reputation near the eleventh cusp, tredecile Saturn, trine Uranus(breaking with tradition), trine Neptune(music, idealism), biseptile the North Node(to move beyond past conditioning), tredecile the Vertex, conjunct Damocles(to take on the system), trine Asbolus, semisextile Heracles(to strive, to overcome), sextile Hidalgo, conjunct Pandora(to have an impact, make a splash), semisextile Harris(random violence), trine Hatshepsut(female power), and parallel McAuliffe.

The glyph for Fisher is my own invention and is meant to suggest an angler casting his(or her) line.

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