Asteroid 1021 Flammario was discovered on March 11, 1924 by German astronomer Maximilian Wolf at Heidelberg, Germany, and named for French astronomer and author Nicolas-Camille Flammarion(1842-1925), who usually went by Camille. Flammario has a period of 4 years, 192 days, and is 74 miles in diameter.

Camille Flammarion.

Astrologically, Flammario signifies flammability, being incendiary, ardent, burning, setting the world on fire:

Amelia Earhart, early aviator and popular feminist icon, had Flammario conjunct Lilith(misogyny, having change forced on you), Cheshirecat(satisfaction) and Nabokov(unsanctioned pleasure); nonile Juno(partnership, the underdog); septile Mercury(the media), Saturn(hard work, rewards), and Uranus(freedom, aviation); sextile the Sun(to shine), Glo(celebrity), Krok(exploding falsehood) and Walpurga(something terrifying); binonile Neptune(ideals); trine Pholus(following one's bliss) and Bologna(lies); trine/sextile the North and South Nodes(past experience, and applying it to practical use); quincunx Pallas(fighting for what one thinks is right); triseptile SURF(shallow knowledge); and quadnonagon the Part of Fortune(unfoldment of the life). A lot of people didn't approve of a woman flying, but Earhart didn't let it stop her.

Angus Young, one of the two guitarists of the Australian heavy-metal group AC/DC, is well-known for his guitar pyrotechnics and out-of-control Australian schoolboy onstage persona--disheveled hair, angry expression, wild gestures, school uniform with tie and shorts. He has Flammario out of bounds, conjunct the South Node(past experience), Cosicosi(apathy), Madhatter(craziness), and Vibilia(journeys); nonile Mars(aggression); septile Pluto(the unforgettable); sextile Krok; square TARDIS(slow to understand) and Tezcatlipoca(bad-boy behavior); biseptile Mercury; trine Venus(art), Glo, Christabel, Konstitutsiya(basic principles), and NOT; sesquiquadrate Saturn; quincunx Chiron; parallel Vesta and Don Quixote(taking on the world); and contraparallel Ceres.

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, one of France's best-known artists, who grew up in a brothel and was physically disabled, had Flammario conjunct Pandora(making an impact, seminal works), Vesta, and the Black Moon(wildness); semisextile Abanderada(raising a banner) and Thule(snobbery); quintile the Vertex(significant relationships); square Mercury, Mars, and Asbolus(vileness); trine Pluto, Cuitlahuac(having to give something up), Atahualpa(brutality), Madhatter, and Thetis(being reminded of limitation); opposite Chiron; and contraparallel Juno.

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam retired from pop singing after his conversion to Islam and now does Muslim religious music, and once outraged the Western world by making an incautious public statement apparently supporting the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's putting a price on author Salman Rushdie's head for allegedly blaspheming through his novel The Satanic Verses. Many people destroyed their Cat Stevens records. He was evidently relying on an antiquated interpretation of the Koran, and although he still considers Rushdie's novel blasphemous, he does not call for his death. To this day, though, Yusuf Islam is somewhat controversial and not welcome in Israel. He has Flammario vigintile(18-degree aspect) Jupiter(religion); semisextile Varuna(hugeness); semisquare the East Point and Pandora; septile Neptune(spirituality); sextile the Moon and Mars; square Pluto, Vesta, and the Black Moon(lunar apogee point); triundecimal Saturn trine the Sun, Flora(richness, lushness, climactic development) and Antenor(subversion); and opposite Glo and Tezcatlipoca.

America's deadliest fire was an October 8, 1871 forest fire that virtually obliterated the town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin and about 2000 people simultaneously with a much better known fire that devastated Chicago 260 miles to the south. In the chart of the Peshtigo fire, which first made itself known at about 8:35 p.m. LMT, Flammario forms the following tight(1 degree or less) aspects: semisextile Christabel and Cheshirecat, sextile Thetis, trine Moon, sesquiquadrate Jupiter, quadraundecimal Uranus and Neptune, parallel Lilith and Nessus, and contraparallel Persephone, SURF, and Taguacipa. The Peshtigo fire was believed to have been started accidentally by railroad workers burning brush in the forest, which was tinder-dry due to drought, or possibly by sparks thrown from one of the coal-burning locomotives used in those days, which were always throwing off sparks and starting grass and forest fires near the tracks. Most people in and around Peshtigo who survived the fire managed to jump into the Peshtigo River; every building but one, a church which had just been built with wood too green to burn, was reduced to ashes, but the town was quickly rebuilt. But right from the beginning, the Great Chicago Fire, which occurred in a major city and media market, hogged all the attention; the governor of Wisconsin had to ask his state's people to divert some of the aid they gave from Chicago to Peshtigo in their home state.

When the Cocoanut Grove nightclub on Piedmont Street in Boston caught fire at about 10:10 p.m. Eastern War Time(EST + 1 hour) on November 28, 1942, Flammario was on the IC in the 4th house, semisextile Neptune, undecimal Mercury, nonile Juno, sextile Pavlov and Munchhausen, square Don Quixote, biseptile Pallas, quincunx Uranus, opposite SURF and the MC, parallel Cosicosi, and contraparallel Antenor. The fire in the overcrowded club, which was decorated in a Polynesian motif with highly flammable fake palm trees and rattan and had leather-covered walls, started around a light fixture hidden within a fake palm in the basement room known as the Melody Lounge. A 16-year-old club employee, who was instructed to replace an incandescent light bulb that a sailor sitting nearby had removed to give himself and his date privacy, used a lighted match to see what he was doing; either that ignited the fake palm or it was ignited by the heat from the light fixture or an electrical short. Whatever the cause, once the fake palm started burning, the fire spread throughout the room in a flash and quickly spread to the rest of the club. The revolving doors trapped many patrons trying to escape; others tried and failed to escape through unmarked exit doors that were locked. Many burned to death of suffocated, and some were literally torn to pieces by people desperately trying to escape the inferno. The hapless teenage bar employee who may have inadvertently caused the blaze had to go into hiding after receiving death threats from overwrought people. Many of the victims of this fire, which occurred during World War II, were servicemen preparing to go overseas. One man who died, film star Buck Jones, had been in Boston on a tour to sell war bonds.

The glyph for Flammario is my own invention; it was inspired by the symbol for flammable substances.

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