Asteroid 4220 Flood was discovered on February 22, 1988 by Australian astronomer Robert H. McNaught at Siding Spring Observatory in Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia. It has a period of 4 years, 251 days. McNaught named it for Scottish amateur astronomer Thomas Flood.

Astrologically, Flood indicates feeling or being flooded, swamped, inundated, overworked, surfeited, crowded, etc.

Winston Churchill, who was Britain's Prime Minister during most of World War II, head of Britain's navy during much of World War I, bounced back from repeated crises, including those caused by depression, and had to contend with heavy German air bombardment of Britain during his prime ministership, had Flood conjunct the Part of Fortune(unfoldment of the life); semisextile Pluto(the unforgettable, dictators); semisquare Juno(justice for the disenfranchised); sextile Casanova(selfish pleasure) and Vicia(viciousness); square Hammurabi(harsh treatment), Athanasia(immortality), Bologna(lies), Cheshirecat(keeping up a brave front), Konstitutsiya(acting ex cathedra, guiding principles), Thalia(humor), Thule(to be too good for something or someone), and Veteraniya(to pay one's dues, undergo ordeals, fight wars); triundecimal the East Point(the world's opionion); trine Jupiter(law, foreign relations, foreign travel), South Node(experience), Madhatter(mental illness), Maritima(maritime matters), and Sassi(impudence); quadundecimal Black Moon(wildness); biquintile Mercury(writings, speeches); quincunx BAM(to bomb, to explode a fallacy, to obliterate) and Taguacipa(good people turning bad, to show lack of appreciation); opposite Venus(values, love, indignation), Hidalgo(ambition, assertion, defense), and Pavlov(to be flying on autopilot); and parallel Moon(the public), Uranus(to break loose, technology), and Phaethon(out of control).

Kurt Cobain had Flood in the fifth house, conjunct Damocles(crisis, danger, to challenge, drastic change), Nabokov, and Vicia; semisextile Vibilia(travel); undecimal Thalia; semisquare Saturn(hard work, rewards, depression); nonile Chiron(to learn or teach, to introduce new things); septile Black Moon; sextile Flora(in full flower) and NOT(emphatic rejection); binonile Neptune(music, ideals) and Vesta(commitment); square the Nodes and Christabel(letting in something evil, like drugs); biseptile Mars(violence, firearms); trine Hylonome(grief, vulnerability, popular appeal) and the MC(career, reputation); biquintile Pluto; quincunx Moon and the East Point; parallel Athanasia and Cosicosi(indifference); and contraparallel Krok(lies exploded) and Munchhausen. Cobain's success couldn't heal his tortured psyche or drug problems, but he took his pain and turned it into something beautiful, a revolution in rock music.

Dorothy Dandridge, the late, tragic African-American Hollywood star, had Flood conjunct Saturn, Cuitlahuac(having to retreat) Tezcatlipoca(criminality); undecimal Lilith(the marginalized); nonile Vesta; sextile Pholus(ceremony, discretion), Bologna(lies), Bosque Alegre(to do what one enjoys), Sassi, Taguacipa, and Tortali(out in the open); square Moon(the mother, the public), Pluto, the East Point, Jabberwock(slain monsters), and SURF(superficial knowledge); trine Damocles(dealing with pressure or groupthink), NOT, and Wurm(contempt); biquintile Uranus(to break loose); opposite Chiron, Nessus(predators), Flammario(to inflame), and Ask(to examine or question); parallel Rhiannon(exile, accusations, escape); and contraparallel Hidalgo and Madhatter. Victimized by everyone and everything, including her mother, Dandridge died unhappy, sick and penniless, but stands as an example of black American achievement against all odds.

Princess Diana had Flood in the twelfth house, conjunct Glo(celebrity); semisextile Neptune and Antenor(to be seen as subversive); sextile Antigone(to stand on principle), BAM, Cheshirecat, and Cuitlahuac; square Pluto, Chiron, Hidalgo, Descartes(to use one's head), Persephone, Sassi(cheekiness), and Veteraniya; tredecile Pallas and Juno(marriage); trine the Vertex(significant others), Don Quixote(to tilt at windmills), Casanova, Konstitutsiya, Nietzsche(to disregard the rules), and Tortali; quincunx the Sun and Aquilegia; triseptile Mercury and Vesta; opposite Phaethon and Ask; and contraparallel Venus, the Black Moon, Heracles(to overcome), Hylonome, Melpomene(tragedy), Munchhausen(to become a legend), and Roachapproach(repulsive). Stalked by the media, who put her under the microscope beginning with her marriage to Prince Charles, Diana used her fame and fortune to promote charities and to raise the world's consciousness about such things as AIDS and land mines.

One of America's worst natural disasters was the Great Flood of 1889 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. A poorly maintained earthen dam on the Little Conemaugh River that stood on the grounds of a country club above the city broke as a result of heavy rains at 4:07 p.m.EST on May 31(Memorial Day), 1889 and sent a wall of water crashing down the valley onto the city below, killing over 2000 people. At this time, asteroid Flood in Cancer in the 9th house was forming a Cardinal T-square with Uranus(sudden devastation) in Libra in the 12th house and Aquilegia(victimization of the vulnerable) in Aries in the 6th. Flood was also sextile Thule(feelings of superiority), trine Vicia(viciousness), and parallel Chiron, Ariadne(betrayal), and NOT. The country-club members who were responsible for the disaster through their failure to properly maintain the dam were rich, powerful industrialists who owned the mills that employed the people of Johnstown, and they never answered for their criminal negligence, except in the form of undying infamy.

America's deadliest hurricane was the Great Storm of 1900 which laid waste to the Galveston/Houston area, particularly Galveston, on September 8, 1900. The hurricane first made itself known in Galveston at about 5 a.m. CST that day; at the time, asteroid Flood was in the 4th house, conjunct the North Node, semisextile Bosque Alegre(fiddling while Rome burns), undecimal Pallas; sextile Casanova, Heracles, and Torricelli(meteorology, inclement weather, serious trouble), binonile the Sun; square the Moon, BAM, Jabberwock, and Rhiannon; trine Cheshirecat; quincunx Veteraniya; opposite South Node; parallel Nessus, Hebe(children, immature behavior), Hylonome, and Chiron; and contraparallel Flammario, Pholus, Summa, and Thule. A false sense of security arising from the fact that Galveston had never been hit by a major hurricane combined with the lack of protection from the power of wind and wave, procrastination in building a seawall facing the Gulf of Mexico to protect the city, the fact that the city was built on a barrier island no more than eight feet above the Gulf of Mexico, and the sheer brute power of the hurricane cost about 6000 people, a sixth of Galveston's population, their lives. Among them were children and nuns in a Catholic orphanage by the gulf on the edge of town. After the Great Storm, as this hurricane is known, the seawall was built and sand was brought in to raise the level of the island above the level of storm surges.

The glyph for Flood is my invention and is meant to suggest a dam breaking.

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