Asteroid 8 Flora was discovered on October 18, 1847 by British astronomer John R. Hind in London, and named for the Roman goddess of flowers and springtime.


Flora has a period of 3 years, 97 days and, not surprisingly for one of the first asteroids to be discovered, is fairly large--about 101.3 miles in diameter.

Astrologically, Flora indicates floweriness, floridness, ornateness, climactic growth or manifestation, lushness or aridity and sterility, flower-child mentality, idealism or ruthlessness.

Folk singer, 1960s peace and human-rights activist and liberal Joan Baez has Flora conjunct Ceres(nurturance), Hidalgo(to push oneself forward, to defend, to promote)and Ask(questioning authority); undecimal Lilith(to be marginalized, the rage of the repressed); nonile the Sun(to shine); sextile Aquilegia(victimization of the vulnerable) and Thalia(fun); quintile Neptune(music, idealism); square Juno(marriage, relationships), Heracles(to overcome), Bologna(lies), Casanova(pleasure taken without consideration), Christabel(letting in something evil), Sassi(to challenge convention), TARDIS(things delayed), Thule(to be too good for something), and Wurm(contempt); trine Phaethon(out of control), Flammario(to burn), and Walpurga(the bogeyman); quadraundecimal Chiron(to learn or teach, to get around obstacles, to be shrewd), sesquiquadrate Black Moon(wildness); quintundecimal Uranus(liberalism, rebellion), opposite Asbolus(following instinct, terrible experiences); and parallel Chariklo(glamor, need to keep perspective, conditional support).

Janis Joplin, a pioneering female rocker who died of a drug overdose, had Flora conjunct Pluto(the unforgettable), Descartes(using one's head) and the Part of Fortune(unfoldment of the life); semisextile Vicia(viciousness); sextile Saturn(hard work, rewards) and Cheshirecat(keeping up a brave front); biundecimal Uranus; square Nessus(predators, poisoning), Krok(lies), and Tezcatlipoca(criminality); trine Ceres, Midas(making money), and the MC(career and reputation); biquintile Juno; opposite Mercury(communication, thought) and Yeti(strange beliefs); and parallel Thule and the Black Moon.

Ted Bundy had Flora conjunct Taguacipa(apparently good people turning evil); semisextile Chariklo, Bosque Alegre(to do what one enjoys, cut loose), and Rhiannon(accusation, escape, exile); undecimal Venus, Midas and Torricelli(trouble, the storm); decile Tezcatlipoca and the Part of Fortune; nonile Juno; semisquare the Sun; sextile the Moon(the public, women); biundecimal the Black Moon and East Point(the world's opinion); square Pallas(defense of civilization), Krok(lies exploded), Wil(will and determination) and the Vertex(significant relationships); trine Uranus, Athanasia(immortal name), Descartes, Thetis(to be reminded that one is only human), Veteraniya(to go through a lot, compile a record), Walpurga, and Yeti; opposite Abanderada(to take up a cause); parallel Cuitlahuac(coming to the end of the line); and contraparallel Atahualpa(brutality, ruthlessness).

Adolf Hitler had Flora in the fourth house, on the IC, conjunct Aquilegia and Hammurabi(to have the book thrown at you); semisextile Jupiter; undecimal the Moon; sextile Heracles(overcoming), Pandora(to have a major impact),Flammario(to set on fire), Pavlov(to act without thinking) and Vibilia(travel); square Sassi, Thetis, Thule(to be too good for something), Walpurga and the East Point; trine Pluto, Descartes, and Taguacipa; sesquiquadrate Juno; biquintile Part of Fortune; quincunx Tezcatlipoca; opposite Saturn; parallel Athanasia and Vicia; and contraparallel Mars, Chiron, Flood(to be overwhelmed), Melpomene(tragedy), and Nietzsche(to consider oneself above the law or morality, Nietzschean philosophy).

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