Asteroid 23032, Fossey, was discovered on December 3, 1999 by John Broughton at Reedy Creek, Queensland, Australia. It has a period of 4 years, 208 days.

Fossey was named for American occupational therapist Dian Fossey (1932-1985) who spent many years in Rwanda and Uganda studying the behavior of the mountain gorilla. Her campaign for their protection was largely responsible for bringing the species back from the brink of extinction; she paid for this with her life. In 1985 she was killed by poachers angered at her efforts to protect the apes. Sigourney Weaver portrayed her in a film based on her work and life among the gorillas, Gorillas In The Mist.

Dian Fossey

Astrologically, asteroid Fossey seems to have to do with primates (that is, apes and monkeys) and behavior associated with them (clownishness, mischief, vandalism, stupidity, imitation) or with animals in general (brutishness, pitiless Darwinian competitiveness, brute strength, lack of self-control, violence).

Thomas Junta, a Massachusetts truck driver imprisoned for beating a man to death in front of their sons in an argument after a youth hockey game the boys were in, has Fossey square the Sun (to shine, celebrity) and quindecile Uranus (something extraordinary or shocking).

Executed Texas murderer Jerry McFadden, whose nickname was Animal, had Fossey semisquare Pallas (politics), square Ceres and opposite Mars (violence).

Jeffrey Dahmer had Fossey in the eleventh house, conjunct the North Node (to transcend past influences, sextile the Midheaven (reputation, relations with authority), square Juno (relationships), trine Venus (values, relating), quindecile Mars, and opposite the South Node (influences from the past, the path of least resistance).

Salvador Dali, a man noted for his odd behavior, had Fossey in the twelfth house, square the Moon (the public, the subconscious), quincunx Chiron (the maverick, the door-opener) and opposite Uranus (eccentricity).

Ken Kesey had Fossey in the fourth house, square Neptune (idealism, drugs). He and a group of fellow hippies once took to the highways in America in a gaudily decorated former school bus named Further in a famous carnival-like road trip chronicled in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

John Belushi, who was even more buffoonish and out-of-control off camera than he was on screen, had Fossey in the third house, semisquare Mars, square the Ascendant (personal appearance or interests), trine Vesta (commitment, dedication) and sesquiquadrate Pluto (unforgettable).

Ted Nugent, a cartoonishly troglodytic sort of person who supports unrestricted gun ownership and hunting, has Fossey in a yod with quincunx Neptune and Pluto.

Mime Marcel Marceau had Fossey conjunct Neptune (illusion), decile Pluto, square Mars (physical activity), trine Chiron, and quincunx Uranus and Pallas (mental perception).

Dian Fossey herself, who was born January 16, 1932 in San Francisco, had Fossey trine Pallas (politics, mental perception, science, fighting for one's beliefs), sesquiquadrate Ceres (nurturance), quindecile the Sun and Saturn (work, career, rewards and consequences) and contraparallel Mars (aggression).

Francine "Penny" Patterson (born February 13, 1947 in Chicago) raised Koko the gorilla in a lab in San Ramon, California, taught her and her companion Michael American Sign Language, and proved that they were actually using it to communicate and that they possessed intelligence (low, but still there). Patterson has Fossey trine Saturn and sesquiquadrate Vesta.

The glyph for Fossey is mine.

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