Asteroid 10185, Gaudi, was discovered on April 18, 1996 by Eric W. Elst at La Silla (European Southern Observatory) near Pedernales, Coquimbo, Chile. It has a period of 4 years, 66 days. Elst named the asteroid for Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926). Gaudi's unusual and interesting architectural creations, such as the Sagrada Familia cathedral, may be found all over Barcelona.

Antoni Gaudi

Astrologically, asteroid Gaudi seems to relate to gaudiness, showiness, flamboyance, architecture, self-expression, commercialism.

Christina Aguilera has Gaudi in the first house, conjunct 1996 TL66, semisquare Cruithne (expressing one's heritage), quintile Mars, and trine Venus (singing, fashion), Pandora (making a splash) and Hylonome (popular appeal).

Cher has Gaudi in the sixth house, conjunct the South Node (one's past), square the Midheaven (reputation, career), trine Don Quixote (to take on the system), biquintile Mercury (to speak or write), quincunx Saturn (work, career, rewards or consequences), and opposite the North Node (one's future).

Elton John has Gaudi in the eighth house, semisextile Askalaphus (media coverage), Lilith (grudging acceptance, marginalization), Heracles (to strive with), and Pallas (politics), undecimal Asbolus (bad experiences), decile Vesta (commitment, dedication), sextile the Vertex (significant relationships), square Juno (relationships, the underdog), trine Jupiter (prosperity), and quincunx Cyllarus (self-acceptance) and 1992 QB1 (powerful ideology, to take a stand on something).

Liberace had Gaudi in the sixth house, semisextile the Sun, semisquare Juno, square the Midheaven, trine Chaos (breaking new ground) and 1994 TA, and parallel Venus.

Salvador Dali had Gaudi semisextile 2002 VE95 (mixed receptions), septile Uranus (eccentricity), biseptile Saturn, trine Chariklo (glamor), Damocles (pushing the envelope) and the Ascendant (personal appearance), biquintile the Moon (women, the public), and quincunx Achilles (lack of self-control, bold leadership, bravery) and 2002 VQ94 (to shatter or redefine).

Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, had Gaudi square 1999 CZ118 (making a crucial choice), trine Pallas (conceptualization), and quincunx Mars (taking action).

Pro golfer Lee Trevino, who has been involved in real estate development and once survived a lightning strike on the golf course, has Gaudi in the first house, conjunct Pelion (working with others); sextile the Moon (emotional security), Hylonome (dangerous pursuits, popularity), and Varuna (growing big); square Chaos; trine Actor (taking action); and quincunx Eureka (discovery), Pholus, 1992 QB1 (bearing witness), 1996 TO66 (vision), and 2002 VE95 (mixed blessings).

Frank Lloyd Wright had Gaudi conjunct Pandora (making a splash, having an impact), sextile Pluto (unforgettable), Antenor (seen as subversive), and 1999 CY118 (to mobilize others), quintile Vesta (dedication), square Sekhmet (zeal), trine Eureka (discovery), quincunx 2000 EC98 (a clear and complete picture), and opposite Juno (relating).

Antoni Gaudi himself had Gaudi conjunct the Sun (to shine), semisextile 1999 XX143 (issues about fitting in), undecimal Phaethon (phenomenal), decile Ceres (nurturance), square 2002 VQ94 (groundbreaking) and 1992 QB1, and trine Cyllarus (sense of worth).

The glyph for Gaudi is mine.

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