Asteroid 3018, Godiva, was discovered on May 21, 1982, by Edward Bowell at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. Godiva has a period of 3 years, 236 days. Bowell named it for an 11th-century English noblewoman, Lady Godiva, the wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, who were remote ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II (who is their 31-times-great-granddaughter). Godiva (the name is a variant of Godgifu, Old English for "gift of God"), was a philanthropist who gave generously to the Catholic Church in Ely and in Coventry. But she is chiefly remembered for riding nude on horseback through the streets of Coventry on a dare from Leofric in order to have his oppressively high taxes lowered. During Godiva's ride, the citizens of Coventry, in one version of the story were ordered to stay inside with the shutters on the windows closed; one, a tailor nicknamed Peeping Tom, who disobeyed and peered through the shutter at her, was struck blind. (He appeared in the story sometime in the 18th century.)

Lady Godiva, by John Collier.

Astrologically, Godiva indicates ruthlessness in action, the willingness to do whatever is necessary to accomplish an objective; the willingness to take any consequences for one's beliefs; and also "being naked"--whatever this might signify.

Malcolm X, who popularized the phrase "by any means necessary" and was assassinated after he renounced anti-white race hatred following a Muslim religious pilgrimage to Mecca, had Godiva semisquare his Mars (aggression), square his Neptune (ideals), and trine his Jupiter (religion, philosophy, foreign travel).

Nelson Mandela, who took all the support he could get in his successful fight against apartheid, including from the South African Communist Party, had Godiva conjunct Pluto (transformation, power), square Chiron (opening doors, teaching or learning lessons) and parallel Venus (values, righteous indignation, making nice).

Adolf Hitler, a man noted for his supreme ruthlessness, had Godiva in the eighth house of legacies, quincunx the Moon (the public).

Famed Texas stripper Candy Barr (real name, Juanita Slusher), who challenged the mores of the strait-laced Fifties and paid for it with a prison term, has Godiva in the tenth house, on the Midheaven (reputation), also conjunct Saturn (work, consequences), as well as sesquiquadrate Pluto (unforgettable).

The glyph for Godiva is mine.

Thanks to J. Lee Lehman, who has done work on this asteroid, for introducing me to it, and also to Jacob Schwartz.

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