Asteroid 5393, Goldstein, was discovered on March 5, 1986, by Edward Bowell at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. It has a period of 3 years, 209 days. Bowell named it for radar astronomer Richard M. Goldstein (born in 1927), who is noted for being the first to detect radar echoes from an asteroid (Icarus) and from Mars, from Saturn's rings, and from the rotation of Venus.

Richard Goldstein

Astrologically, though, asteroid Goldstein seems to derive its archetype from a character in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, Emmanuel Goldstein, a dissident against Big Brother who is set up by the totalitarian regime of Oceania as a source of all evil or scapegoat for the masses to hate, by way of manipulating them psychologically and distracting them from the very real problems around them.

In other words, asteroid Goldstein indicates a scapegoat, bete noire or red herring, something which serves to divert attention from misconduct or other real issues which should be addressed.

Bill Clinton has Goldstein in the eleventh house, trine the North Node (transcending past conditioning, connections made) and contraparallel Mercury (writing, speaking, ideas, the media, slander).

Rush Limbaugh has Goldstein in the tenth house, semisquare the Sun (to shine), sextile Venus (values), square Jupiter (politics, philosophy, prosperity), quincunx Uranus (broadcasting, activism), Asbolus ("listen to me") and Hylonome (popular appeal) and parallel Ceres (nurturance).

Malcolm X, who preached race hatred against whites until experiencing an epiphany on a pilgrimage to Mecca, had Goldstein sextile Chariklo (glamor, need to keep perspective) and Ceres, square Saturn (hard work, consequences) and Antenor (to be seen as subversive), sesquiquadrate Uranus, and quincunx Achilles (lashing out in anger).

Martha Stewart, an accomplished but highly resented homemaking maven who has been hit hard by allegations of insider trading, has Goldstein in the fourth house, on the fifth cusp, conjunct Chaos, square Asbolus, sesquiquadrate Pluto (self-damaging behavior), and quincunx the Midheaven.

Adolf Hitler, the consummate scapegoater and pogromist, had Goldstein in the eighth house of legacies, cusping the ninth, sextile Mercury, square Juno (the disadvantaged and despised) and trine the Ascendant.

The glyph for Goldstein is mine.

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