Asteroid 11790, Goode, was discovered on September 1, 1978 by Natasha S. Chernykh at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in Nauchnyj, Ukraine. It has a period of 4 years and 40 days.

It was named for solar astronomer Philip R. Goode (born 1943), a professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and director of Big Bear Solar Observatory, and his wife Fran B. Goode (born 1944), director of development at Big Bear Solar Observatory.

Philip Goode

Astrologically, asteroid Goode seems to signify goodness or sanctimony.

Former US Education Secretary under Ronald Reagan and self-appointed moral arbiter William Bennett, who was eventually revealed to be a high-roller gambler, has Goode conjunct Don Quixote (taking on the system), semisextile Venus (values), Chiron (self-wounding) and Pelion (life is tough), undecimal Mercury (writings, speeches, the media), sextile Quaoar (urged to action, under the microscope), and square Mars (losing good things).

Mother Teresa had Goode in the eighth house of legacies, conjunct Venus (values), sextile Damocles (to push forward) and square Saturn (work, career, rewards, consequences, monasticism).

Mahatma Gandhi had Goode decile Uranus (rebellion, revolution, activism) and sextile Asbolus (advice given but not necessarily taken).

Jimmy Carter has Goode in the third house of the media, conjunct Pholus (standing up against power), sextile the South Node (past influences, taking in), square Ixion (bad karma, inventive), trine Neptune (idealism, spirituality), Dioretsa (off course, that which sticks), Chiron (the door-opener), Pelion (life is tough), and the North Node (moving past past influences, giving out), and quincunx Heracles (to strive with). It has been said that he tried to run the country with the Bible and the Boy Scout manual; although he was principled, he is not considered a highly successful president.

Columbine victim Cassie Bernall, who recovered from a troubled period through born-again Christianity, had Goode conjunct the Sun (to shine), Quaoar (something must be done, creation of something) and Ixion (invention, bad karma), sextile Lilith (marginalization), trine Okyrhoe (standing fast under attack) and quincunx Phaethon (out of control, a phenomenon).

Rachel Scott, another Columbine victim who is also misrepresented as a martyr by the Religious Right, had Goode conjunct Vesta (dedication) and quincunx Damocles (politics, drastic change).

St. Bernadette of Lourdes had Goode semisquare Chiron, sextile Hidalgo (to assert, to promote), square Varuna (grown big), trine Mercury, sesquiquadrate Sun (to shine), parallel South Node (separation, taking in), and contraparallel North Node (connecting, giving out).

St. Maximilian Kolbe, a Polish Catholic priest and World War II Resistance journalist who ultimately sacrificed his life to save another man in Auschwitz, had Goode semisquare Pallas (politics), sextile Jupiter (religion), Ceres (nurturance), Vesta (dedication) and Chiron (the maverick, the teacher), and square Phaethon.

Tom Dooley, an American-born doctor working in Laos whose humanitarianism went largely unrecognized following his death—because of the machinations of a hostile US government and because he was gay, it has been said— had Goode in the ninth house of foreign lands, trine Ceres and quincunx Chaos.

Gary Condit, a former California congressman whose pious-family-man public image turned out to be a false front after a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair became a missing person, has Goode undecimal Vesta, semisquare Neptune (deceit, scandal), and quincunx Heracles (defeated by one's own strength), Damocles (drastic change), and Chaos.

The glyph for Goode is mine.

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