Asteroid 2768 Gorky was discovered on September 6, 1972 at Nauchnyj, Ukraine by Russian astronomer Lyudmila V. Zhuravleva, who named it for Russian writer Maxim Gorky. Maxim Gorky was the nom de plume of Aleksei Maksimovich Peshkov(1868-1936).

Maxim Gorky(real name, Aleksei Peshkov)

Gorky is Russian for "bitter"; gorka means "hill," or "vertical climb" in aeronautics. During the Soviet era, the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod was known as Gorky, in honor of Maxim Gorky; in the 1980s, famed dissident couple Andrei Sakharov and Yelena Bonner were in internal exile there, kept under constant KGB surveillance, isolated and harassed.

Andrei Sakharov and Yelena Bonner

It is this — bitterness — that seems to be the core of asteroid Gorky's meaning in the horoscope.

Dorothy Dandridge, the great black actress who at one time was one of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses, whose life was marked with terrible sorrow and tragedy(some of it inflicted by her mother and other family members), and who died poor and virtually forgotten, had Gorky in the tenth house conjunct the Midheaven(career, reputation), sesquiquadrate Venus(beauty, values), semisquare Uranus(to break a mold), parallel Chiron(lessons to learn or to teach), quincunx Pallas(to see in one's mind), quadraundecimal Vesta(commitment), sesquiquadrate Ceres(family), triseptile the North Node(lessons), opposite Hidalgo(ambition), contraparallel Hylonome(popularity, dealing with grief and loss), undecimal Phaethon(losing control), trine Simpson(to do evil and get away with it), quincunx Sisyphus(frustration, success that doesn't last), square Summa(consummate achievement), trine Stentor(to speak loud and clear), and square Valentine(romance).

Connie Francis, who has endured much, including a domineering father, a brutal 1974 rape, depression and more recently a stalker over-the-top enough to make the news, has Gorky in the eleventh house, tredecile Pluto(criminality, perseverance), quadraundecimal Saturn(career, hard work, depression), vigintile Vesta and North Node, biseptile the Vertex(idealized or significant relationships), semisextile Ceres(family, nurturance), undecimal the Midheaven(career, reputation), contraparallel Don Quixote, parallel Pholus(those regarded as worthy of automatic respect, to ingratiate oneself), conjunct Aquilegia(to be victimized), contraparallel Athanasia(immortal names), contraparallel Ramirez(rape, burglary, invasion by evil), semisextile Summa(consummate achievement), semisextile Tantalus(to feel frustrated), and parallel Tutenchamun.

Drew Barrymore, the victim of abuse and neglect by her parents, whose substance-abuse problems date from age 9, is currently estranged from her mother and is her alcoholic father's legal guardian. She has Gorky in the seventh house, sextile the Sun(to shine), decile Mercury(the media), binonile Jupiter(prosperity), quincunx the East Point(how the world sees you), sextile the Part of Fortune(success, the unfoldment of the life), undecimal Vesta, trine Aquilegia, semisextile Armor(to harden oneself), parallel Ariadne(betrayal), parallel Eurydike(to lose it or backslide), square Photographica(film, clear memory), parallel Simpson, semisextile Tantalus, semisextile Thule(disdain), and opposite Tutenchamun(role reversal).

Lido "Lee" Iacocca endured severe family financial setbacks and anti-Italian bigotry growing up in the Great Depression in Allentown, Pennsylvania; rose to the presidency of Ford and was fired when the late CEO of Ford, Henry Ford II, went after him; lost many of his friends at Ford as a result; managed to rescue Chrysler from going belly-up in the late 1970s, no thanks to doctrinaire conservatives in the business community, who laid into him for asking for a government loan; lost his first wife to diabetes and was divorced from his second wife after a fairly brief marriage; and ended up in the doghouse at Chrysler after retirement when he got together with someone else to try and buy the company(before Daimler did). Iacocca has Gorky in the seventh house, parallel Mars(cars, smokestack industries, aggression, bluntness), undecimal Jupiter(success, the law, foreign countries), trine Pluto(power, transformation, Big Money, large corporations, other people's money), tredecile Pallas(politics), quincunx the Ascendant(the physical body) and Nessus(predators), square Damocles(having something hanging over you, challenging the system, radical change), opposite Heracles(to strive with, to overcome), conjunct Hidalgo(ambition, promoting one's own agenda), trine Hylonome(popular appeal), contraparallel Astraea(having a hard time letting go), Cuitlahuac(having to learn when it's time to quit), Daedalus(cleverness), Jabberwock(unslain monsters), Rousseau(back to basics), and Tutenchamun(role reversal, reclaiming prominence or success); trine Midas(making money); semisextile Nietzsche(the overman, feeling above the law), square Odysseus(wiliness), parallel Ophelia(reacting out of all proportion), sextile Panacea(problem-solving), square Aesculapia(doctors), opposite Aquilegia(to be victimized), square Circe(help from others), sesquiquadrate Ramirez(to be picked on), conjunct Rhiannon(accusations, firings), and sextile Tantalus(feeling frustrated).

The glyph for Gorky is mine and is derived from Mr. Yuk, a poison warning symbol aimed at children which was introduced in the 1970s and serves as an adjunct to the traditional skull-and-crossbones symbol. Mr. Yuk is intended to warn young children that the contents of the container that bears it, however attractive-looking or pleasant-tasting, are not good to eat or drink in a way that they can easily understand.

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