Asteroid 9000, Hal, was discovered on May 3, 1981 by Edward Bowell at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. It has a period of 3 years, 120 days.

Hal was named after HAL 9000, the computer that is a main character of Arthur Clarke's novel 2001: A Space Odyssey and the Stanley Kubrick movie based on it. HAL has been called "an icon of artificial intelligence"; the book and movie has launched myriad careers in computing, computer science, electrical engineering and space exploration.

HAL 9000.

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Keir Dullea's character Dave Bowman was forced to disable HAL's advanced computing functions after the hitherto reliable, obliging, ultrarational computer became psychotic far from Earth in outer interplanetary space, murdering Bowman's fellow astronaut Frank Poole. In 2001's sequel, 2010, HAL's breakdown was revealed to be due to a programming conflict created by secret instructions from the White House to lie to Bowman and Poole in order to conceal the true nature of the mission from them. "HAL was told to lie by people who find it easy to lie," HAL's creator, Dr. Chandra (played by Bob Balaban), said in 2010. "HAL doesn't know how." But after extensive reprogramming by Chandra, HAL returned to its normal self...but expected to be told the truth by the humans with whom it interfaced.

This seems to inform asteroid HAL's astrological meaning: rigid or high expectation of justice or honesty, aggressive response to maltreatment, computer-related things..

Alan Turing had Hal semisquare the Sun (to shine) and square Ceres (to nurture), Chaos, and Actor (to act, to live a lie).

John Atanasoff, inventor of the electronic computer, had Hal square 1992 QB1 (to take a stand) and trine 1999 DE9 (to assert or exercise power).

Bill Gates has Hal in the tenth house, conjunct the Midheaven, semisextile Chaos and Okyrhoe (dealing with personal attacks), sextile Memnon (a new age, accusations of intrusion), square Uranus (technology, innovation) and Pholus (need to show respect), sesquiquadrate the North Node (to give out, transcend the past), biquintile Vesta (dedication, commitment), and opposite the Sun (to shine), Odysseus (wily, scheming) and Thersites (to be railed against).

Ada Byron, inventor of the binary number system, which has been vital to the development of the electronic computer, had Hal in the twelfth house, conjunct the Ascendant (personal interests), semisquare Vesta, sextile Saturn (work), tredecile Neptune (giving without any return), trine Uranus, quincunx Wilson-Harrington (energetic), and opposite Ceres.

Eldridge Cleaver had HAL in the tenth house, trine 2002 VE95 (mixed blessings), 1996 TO66 (vision) and Pholus and quincunx Cyllarus (racial issues, self-esteem).

Bernardine Dohrn, another former Sixties radical, has Hal semisextile Okyrhoe, undecimal Chaos (activism), semisquare the Vertex (significant relationships), square Juno, trine Asbolus (listening to others and being listened to, terrible experiences), sesquiquadrate Neptune (idealism, altruism, confusion), the Ascendant, the Midheaven, and the East Point (as the world sees you), and quincunx/semisextile the Nodes.

Malcolm X had Hal conjunct Uranus, undecimal Pallas (politics), decile Mercury (ideas, writings, speeches), sextile the Sun and 1996 TL66 (revelation, tyranny, destruction) and contraparallel Juno (the dispossessed).

César Chavez had Hal in the twelfth house sextile 1999 CY118 (to send others out for something, a scourge society created), square Venus (values, outrage), trine the Sun, Hidalgo (to assert, promote or defend; minority and Hispanic issues), and 2002 VQ94 (to break through or shatter), and biquintile Mercury and Jupiter (the law, philosophy, religion).

The glyph for Hal is mine.

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