Asteroid 7207 Hammurabi was discovered on September 24, 1960, at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California, USA, by Dutch astronomers C.J. Van Houten and Ingrid Van Houten-Groeneveld and American astronomer Tom Gehrels, and named for the ancient Mesopotamian(Iraqi) king and lawgiver Hammurabi(1792 BCE?-1750 BCE?), ruler of Babylon, developer of the Code of Hammurabi, and originator of the expression "an eye for an eye." Asteroid Hammurabi has a period(year) of 4 years, 49 days.

King Hammurabi of Babylon

Hammurabi's Code epitomizes the harsh and exacting justice of deep antiquity, when civilization was young and people were not as evolved, and is believed to have influenced the religious law found in the Old Testament of the Bible via the Babylonian Captivity of the ancient Jews, who themselves were a semi-civilized society at the time, and therefore fit for a code of law such as Hammurabi's.

Asteroid Hammurabi's number adds up to 11, a master number denoting spirituality, which gives Hammurabi's influence certain religious overtones: some people, rejecting the notion that God is a god of mercy, believe that God is a stern and punitive god demanding strict obedience and harsh retribution for transgressors of his law.

It is this that seems to form the basis of asteroid Hammurabi's influence: old or antiquated codes of conduct, or harsh and exacting justice--in other words, the law of "an eye for an eye."

Clint Eastwood expresses this well within such movies as the Dirty Harry cycle(Dirty Harry, The Enforcer, Sudden Impact), and High Plains Drifter. In fact, his signature role is, as many of us know, "Dirty" Harry Callahan, the fictional San Francisco homicide detective with little patience for legal niceties involving defendants' rights, who likes to cut right to the chase with his trusty .357 Magnum handgun. ("Go ahead. Make my day!") Through these films, Eastwood helped inspire people weary of a flawed legal system that seemed to give those accused or convicted of crimes more rights than their victims and, in trying too hard to be fair and humane, failed to adequately fulfill its function of protecting society from its antisocial elements. Eastwood has Hammurabi out of bounds, conjunct Saturn, Torricelli(under pressure), and Casanova(selfish pleasure), opposite Ceres and Pluto, trine Chiron, Don Quixote, Madhatter, Pavlov(knee-jerk or conditioned reaction), and Vibilia(traveling), square Uranus and Antenor(being seen as a subversive influence), sextile Vicia(viciousness) and Cuitlahuac(having to hang it up), biquintile Vesta, and quadnonagon Jupiter(the law).

Jeffrey Dahmer had Hammurabi sextile the Sun, Pallas, and Sassi, septile Venus, square Jupiter, Christabel(letting in something evil), and the Black Moon, trine Athanasia(immortality) and Hylonome, conjunct Madhatter and Wil, parallel Bologna("baloney"), and Walpurga(monsters), biseptile Pluto, and quintile Saturn. He expressed his own insanity upon the unfortunate men and boys who were his victims, and upon their remains; but the law caught up with him in the end, and although he was sentenced to life without parole because Wisconsin didn't have the death penalty, another prisoner took it upon himself to deliver the even harsher brand of justice he and many others felt Dahmer deserved, beating him to death with a mop handle.

Jane Fonda, for her 1970 visit to Hanoi and her freely expressed sympathy for the Communist North Vietnamese government which, in the middle of the Vietnam War, often constituted gross ethical transgression(e.g., betraying American POWs who asked for her help to their captors, donning an air-force helmet and joining North Vietnamese antiaircraft gunners during an American air raid) and also bordered on treason in the legal sense, is held in profound contempt by many Vietnam vets and their supporters. They will not deal with her in any way, they protest her public appearances, and they regard any and all attempts to atone on her part as a waste of time. She also has Hammurabi out of bounds, and heavily aspected: undecimal the Sun, square Mars and Ceres, trine Saturn, Pluto, and Athanasia, sextile Torricelli, Madhatter and Munchhausen, quincunx Chiron, Nessus, Taguacipa and Sassi, semisextile Nabokov, nonile Flammario(incendiary remarks and actions), and contraparallel Hidalgo.

In 1988, former Colorado senator Gary Hart's once-promising presidential aspirations were annihilated through his dissembling of an extramarital affair with model Donna Rice. He has Hammurabi square the Moon, Mercury, Pallas and Unsold; trine Venus and Pholus; opposite Saturn(reaping one's reward, paying a price), conjunct Casanova(selfish pleasure), tredecile Jupiter(prosperity and judgment), semisquare Pluto, binonile Chiron, sextile Lilith(bitter truths), Krok(misleading stories), and Torricelli(being under pressure), quincunx Quetzalcoatl(fallen heros), and sesquiquadrate Phaethon(going off the track and down the tubes).

The glyph for Hammurabi is my own invention and suggests the pillar upon which Hammurabi inscribed his legal code in Cuneiform, and also the Roman numeral I(one), often used in astrology to indicate the first house, which in most latitudes is where the Sun is in the hours immediately preceding sunrise. You may also notice the similarity between this glyph and the one I have created for Konstitutsiya; here, though, the whole glyph is straight up and down, suggesting the draconian rectitude Hammurabi wished to impose upon his society.

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