Asteroid Hermione was discovered on May 12, 1872, by James C. Watson at Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is 155.8 miles in diameter and has a period (year) of 6 years, 137 days. It was named for a daughter of Menelaus and Helen who was taken away from home by her betrothed, Orestes, to rescue her from a man her father picked out for her whom she disliked. The name has also been given as Harmonia.

The most famous Hermione these days is Harry Potter's friend Hermione Granger, a bookish, fussy girl portrayed in the Harry Potter films by Emma Watson.

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

Astrologically, asteroid Hermione indicates to be taken away from someone or something; censorious, restrictive, or highly educated people; being "sent to school."

Con artist turned white-collar-crime consultant Frank Abagnale (born April 24, 1948, in New Rochelle, NY) has Hermione conjunct Neptune (fraud, deception, motion pictures), Pandora (having an impact), and Ixion (acquiring bad karma, pride or hubris arising from talent); sextile Pluto (transformation); and quincunx Juno. His desire for relationships, he says, awakened his talents for fraud, and going to jail straightened him out.

Marion "Pat" Robertson, far-right politician and minister impersonator.

Former Manson Family member turned jailhouse evangelist Susan Atkins also has Hermione conjunct Neptune and Pandora and sextile Pluto, but in her chart Hermione sesquiquadrates Mercury (writings), quincunx Nessus (predators, being seen as a potential threat), and opposite Hidalgo (to promote one's agenda). Her re-invention of herself has not won her a parole, nor, in my opinion, is it likely to.

The Caltech campus.

Controversial human reproductive expert Severino Antinori has Hermione in the first house, semisquare Venus (values), sextile Dolon (standing fast in the face of attack), and square Pandora (stirring things up, having an impact).

Nelson Mandela, who spent years in prison for his stand on human rights under the apartheid regime in South Africa, has Hermione conjunct Uranus (activism, liberation) and sextile Ceres (to nurture) and Antenor (to be seen as subversive).

Hermione has a moon, discovered on September 28, 2002 and called S/2002 (121) 1. Perhaps one day it will be named Crookshanks (after Hermione Granger's cat)?

The glyph for Hermione is mine.

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