How, Death, should I fear you?


Juan Ramon Jimenez

How, Death, should I

fear you? Are you not here, working with me?

Do I not touch you in my eyes; do you not tell me

that you know nothing about anything, that you are hollow,

unconscious, and peaceful?

Do you not enjoy,

with me, everything: glory, solitude,

love, to your very quick?

Are you not standing there,

Death, enduring my life?

Do I not lead you up and down, blind,

like your guide? Do you not repeat

with your passive lips

what I want you to say? Do you not,

like a slave, put up with the kindness with which I compel your favors?

What will you see, what will you say, where will you go

without me? Shall I not be,

Death, your death, whom you, Death, must fear, pamper and love?

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