Asteroid 38628, Huya, was discovered March 10, 2000 by Ignacio Ferrin at Merida, Venezuela. It has a period of 248 years, 228 days.

It was named for Huya, a god of the Wayuu Indians of northwestern Venezuela and northeastern Colombia who is associated with the rainy season.

Astrologically, Huya (pronounced hoo-YAH) seems to signify service, awareness of something missing, environmentalism, failure to pay attention.

Mount Waialeale in Hawaii, one of the world's wettest places.

Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain, located in Scotland.

Tabloid TV journalist turned conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly has Huya sextile Nabokov (cheating), Lancelot (caught with one's pants down), Herakleitos (a question of character), and Sekhmet (zeal in activity); trine Standing Bear (belligerence) and Petronius (that which is the fashion or the custom); quincunx Venus (values, righteous indignation); and opposite Jupiter (philosophy) .

Taco Ockerse (born July 21, 1955, in Jakarta, Indonesia) is a German musician who specializes in swing and soul. In the early 1980s he aired in the US videos of his Irving Berlin cover tunes like "Puttin' On The Ritz" and "Let's Face The Music And Dance" in a tuxedo, foreshadowing the acceptability that such music has obtained among young people as well as their grandparents' and great-grandparents' generations. Taco's Huya is sextile Okyrhoe (taking criticism) and trine Hidalgo (putting something forward, ambition).

Illinois zoophile Kevin McAfee, who has been jailed, accused of sexually assaulting numerous horses in his area, has Huya sextile Caesar (desire for dominance) and opposite Dioretsa (wrong action).

When the Supreme Court handed down its decision in the case of Lawrence vs. Texas invalidating America's sodomy laws on June 26, 2003, Huya was sextile 1998 BU48 (the way things are), square Nessus (trespass of boundaries), and trine Mercury (speech, writing).

Ted Kaczynski

Theodore Kaczynski aka The Unabomber has a yod involving Huya conjunct Walpurga (the bogeyman, the face of evil [to some, anyway]--out in the wilds of Montana); Tara (smoothly flowing), and D'Artagnan, all quincunx Fox (wiliness) and Hidalgo (to protect, to defend, to promote) going one way and Wil (will) and Lacrimosa (something regrettable, something to cry about) the other. Huya (and Walpurga and Tara and D'Artagnan) also form a Kite with: Wood (the woods; wishes), Mallory (doing something because one feels one can; a fatal slip, that is, publishing his manifesto), Pinocchio (Kaczynski wrote freely about minor crimes against the environment like littering--so much for that rationale for his actions), Industria (hard at work [in the wilderness]; attitudes toward industry), Flammeus, Tithonus (in a deteriorated or decrepit condition; having been at something too long), Phaethon (out of control, out of one's mind), Patientia, and Torricelli (stirring up trouble, in deep doo-doo). Huya (and Walpurga, Tara, and D'Artagnan)all form a Cardinal T-square, too, with Pest (disease [of the mental kind]), Dioretsa (feeling like something has to be gotten rid of; action taken while impaired; what one does "sticking" or rebounding upon one's head), (both square Huya) and Leviathan (monsters arising from the depths, as it were) (opposite Huya). Huya also aspects Harris (snapping, being pushed too far or portraying oneself as having been pushed too far, a murderous rampage) and Samadhi (feeling, or not feeling, connected) within a 1 00' orb. Huya and Samadhi form another Kite with Leviathan, Tithonus, Phaethon, Patientia, and Torricelli. Juno (giving one's power away) trines Huya within a 1 00' orb.

Bill Clinton, as president, greatly expanded the US national park system, and attempted to close large and relatively unspoiled sections of existing parklands to development.Sometimes, as in the case of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah, he found it necessary to sneak the acts authorizing the creation of these parklands past hostile Republican members of Congress and corporate interests. His stewardship of the environment generated a lot of resentment in some quarters--a facet of the political opposition to him. He has Huya conjunct Gorky ("bitter" in Russian), Dali (something surreal), and Tezcatlipoca (taking without giving), which are involved in a yod with Pittsburghia (taking something seriously; business interests) and with Fox . Also, Huya semisextiles Vicia (viciousness), Uranus (broadcasting, activism), and Antenor (seen as subversion); sextiles Munchhausen(whoppers--that is, the myths promoted by the Right about Clinton's agenda); squares Ward (guardianship or stewardship) and Cuvier (named for French biologist Georges Cuvier, who realized that species can and do become extinct); and trines Hammurabi (a harsh or antiquated code of conduct).

Accused Baton Rouge serial rapist and killer Derrick Todd Lee (born November 5, 1968),a truck driver from the small town of St. Francisville, Louisiana north of Baton Rouge, was fingered with DNA evidence obtained in an unethical police dragnet. He has Huya (fleeing; out in the wilderness, as it were [i.e. beyond the pale, out in the cold]) trine Chaos and Venus and quincunx Pelion (generating distrust or suspicion; reality being cold and cruel; fame or notoriety used as a basis for results; manipulation or taking advantage of people or a social climate [in the DNA search]; issues involving good citizenship).

Judith Martin aka Miss Manners (nee Perlman, born September 13, 1938 in Washington, DC) has Huya (service to others) semisextile Pelion; sextile Hopi (deep-seated defense of something), Patientia (having patience), and Volta (electrifying; getting a jolt); square 2002 VQ94 (to shatter or excise); trine Boucolion (rough edges, bad manners); quincunx Dulcinea (wistfulness), Hammurabi (an exacting and intricate code of conduct), and Flora (the "flower" of something); and opposite Sophrosyne (need for humility), Pholus (need to show respect for others), 2002 VE95 (mixed blessings), and 1996 TO66 (a vision of how things should be).

John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club and a leading proponent of preserving America's wild areas, was born April 21, 1838, in Dunbar, Scotland, and had Huya semisextile 1999 CY118 (to send forth others to do something, a monster humanity created), semisquare Mercury, square Juno, trine Odysseus (travel), Chaos, and Partizanske (partisanship).

Legendary gangbuster Eliot Ness (born April 19, 1903, in Chicago) had Huya sextile Bandersnatch (hard-to-kill monsters) and Rhadamanthus (to judge) and quincunx Descamisada (working "like a dog") and Flammario (on fire) to form a yod.

Movie "good guy" and Unsolved Mysteries host Robert Stack, who played Ness in The Untouchables, had Huya semisextile 1999 CZ118 (a pivotal choice), sextile Dioretsa (something that sticks), trine Mars (aggression, assertion) and quincunx Pallas (conceptualization, political outlook).

Courtney Love has Huya conjunct Thersites and 1999 CZ118 ("the road less traveled"), semisextile Pluto, sextile Phaethon (out of control), square 1996 RX33 (cranky, eccentric), trine 1999 OX3 ("been there, done that"), and quincunx Boucolion (naive, boorish).

1960s militant Eldridge Cleaver has Huya as part of a Cardinal T-square emptying into Aries whose other members are Thereus(pivot) (because of wanting or demanding what other people have) Pholus (issues involving respect or power or the fear of power), Pyrrhus (violence coming at a high price), 1996 TO66 (vision), and 2002 VE95 (a mixed blessing or qualified benefit); also aspecting Huya are Sun (to shine) 1996 RX33 (contentious, weird, highly rebellious) (sextile Huya); Hylonome (the cry of the dispossessed; happening because of practicing dangerous activities)(square Huya); Saturn (hard work, rewards, consequences, maturation)(trine Huya); and 1992 QB1 (powerful ideology, standing for beliefs)(opposite Huya).

Josef Mengele had Huya square Antenor and Midheaven , trine Moon (the public), quincunx 2002 GM137 (dying to know), quincunx 2000 FZ53 (facilitated by diplomatic obstacles and tepid commitment) and Askalaphus (publicity), and opposite Eureka (a discovery--Mengele got away, and yet he didn't) 1992 QB1 (standing for one's beliefs) Lilith (having to resign oneself to something unpleasant).

Adolf Eichmann had Huya semisextile Neptune (deception) and Askalaphus (to disclose, to publicize), sextile 2002 VQ94 (to shatter), Venus (values, outrage, diplomacy), Rhadamanthus (justice), and Antenor (seen as subversive); square Saturn (career, restrictions, consequences); quincunx Uranus (disruption, the unexpected, shattered molds); and opposite 1992 QB1 (to hold to one's beliefs).

Former Sixties radical, Northwestern law professor and advocate for children Bernardine Dohrn has Huya in the tenth house semisextile Chiron (lessons to teach or learn; the wounded healer or healing a wound); sextile/trine the Nodes (connections, taking in and giving out); trine 2002 TC302 (high stress, the political landscape of a given era); quincunx Hidalgo (to defend, to assert, to promote; to undertake a rebellion), and opposite 1999 HD12 (to accept support from others).

Concert pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, who was portrayed by Adrian Brody in the Roman Polanski film The Pianist, hid from the Nazis during the Holocaust in his native Poland thanks to a huge amount of luck and help from others. He had Huya as part of the point of a yod which also includes 1996 RX33 (expressing uniqueness), Phaethon (no control--sort of a "let go--let god" kind of thing), Hektor (bravery), and Damocles (crisis, transgressiveness, drastic change). Huya also squares Boucolion, trines Antenor (to be seen as subversive), and opposes Sun (life force, to shine)

Sara Jane Olson, née Kathleen Soliah (pronounced SO-lee-ah), a former member of the Symbionese Liberation Army, a 1970s terrorist group, was indicted for attempting to bomb Los Angeles police cars, disappeared, and reincarnated herself as Sara Jane Olson, a St. Paul community activist and mother of three, until her past finally caught up with her. (I am not implying that she is guilty of the attempted bombing.) She has Huya square Phaethon (loss of control, a phenomenon) trine Cruithne (a mark, brand, or stigma), quincunx Sekhmet (zeal on another's behalf, appropriate destruction), and opposite Mercury (thought, speech, writing).

At the time of the infamous 16th Street baptist church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama (September 15, 1963, 10:19 a.m. CST) Huya was semisextile bombing Agamemnon bombing Phaethon, quincunx Antenor and Chiron, and opposite 2002 TX300 (rough-hewn, healing) and Damocles (drastic change). The Klansmen who committed the bombing, three of whom went to prison for their atrocity, did an enormous amount of damage to their cause through what they did; in fact, through their evil they inadvertently facilitated the progress they were resisting. The ghosts of the four dead girls pushed a lot of people who'd been Laodicean about the civil-rights movement off the fence and onto the side of social justice.

British-born security consultant Dr. H.H.A. (Tony) Cooper, born (according to the Dallas Morning News) in London on March 5, 1928, has Huya in a minor grand trine which also involves Huya sextile Nabokov and trine Atlantis (abuse of power). Huya also is a member of another, interlocking grand trine that includes Nabokov and Neptune (the ideal, conspiracies, paranoia); also, Huya squares Varuna (judgmental, nurturing).

The glyph for Huya is mine.

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