10370 Hylonome, one of the Centaur asteroids of the outer solar system, orbits between Uranus and Neptune. It was discovered on February 27, 1995 at 12:05 a.m. Hawaii-Aleutians Standard Time by David Jewitt and Jun Chen at Mauna Kea Observatory 25 miles southeast of Kamuela, Hawaii, USA(155W28/19N49), at 4 Libra 42(Tropical). It has a period of 125 years, 30 days and an estimated diameter of 65 to 150 kilometers. It was named for one of the female Centaurs, who killed herself after her partner Cyllarus, a male Centaur to whom she was devoted, was killed in the battle with the Lapithae.

Ovid tells their story this way in Book 12 of The Metamorphoses:

Girls of [Cyllarus's] centaur kind

Thought him adorable, and wished he loved them,

But of she-centaurs, he chose Hylonome,

The most attractive creature in that forest;

She was elusive, and yet she had a way

Of helplessly admitting that she loved him,

Which kept him all her own. And her appearance

(As far as centaur girls are beautiful)

Was clean and fresh. She learned to use a comb;

One day she'd dress her hair with rosemary,

The next with violets; the third, red roses

And on the fourth or fifth, bell-shaped lilies;

Then twice a day she washed her face and hands

In a bright waterfall that dropped from high green places

Above Pagasa, then for further beauty

(And twice a day), she bathed in that same water.

She had fine taste in dress, and draped a shoulder

Or a pointed breast with ermine, mink or fox.

As much as he loved her, she cherished him,

And arm in arm they strolled through mountain passes

And slept together in a moss-hung cave.

Now to the battlefield at Lapithae,

They came and joined the fighting, side by side.

From somewhere, somehow(no one knew who threw it)

A javelin struck and pierced through Cyllarus' breast.

His heart was scarcely touched, yet when the spearhead

Was plucked out, the heart stopped beating,

Faintness came over him, and cold death took him.

Hylonome threw arms around his dying body,

Then placed her hand over the wound to soothe it;

Her lips on his, she tried to breathe life in him

Or catch at least his last, his failing breath.

And when she saw his death, she spoke aloud

(But what she said I could not overhear;

The noise of battle swept her words away);

I saw her fix the spear that killed Cyllarus

Against her breast, and there she fell to earth,

Covering Cyllarus with her dying body.

The Sabian Symbol for 4 Libra:"A man teaching the true inner knowledge." Marc Edmund Jones gives the keyword for this degree as affinity and says that positively, it signifies a genius for understanding and expressing the underlying realizations by which human character at its best comes to know itself, and negatively, foolish pride in one's own sharp vision and manipulative, underhanded attempts to dominate people.

Hylonome's asteroid number, 10370, adds up to 11, in numerology a "master number" associated with spirituality, creativeness, inspiration, revelation, idealism, knowledge, mysticism, non-materialism, anti-commercialism, and nervous tension. It may be reduced to 2, a number of relating, separating, emotion, giving and receiving aid.

Hylonome is said to signify an exceptional need for acceptance, a self-opinion of unworthiness, pathos, devotion, the ability to evoke sympathy or empathy, an increase in the emotional gradient of a situation, the perception of attractiveness, misfortune or helplessness, the desire to protect, defend or help others, fastidiousness, naivete, softheartedness, catholic tastes and interests, a bent toward "naturalness" and environmentalism, an interest in fashion and adornment, criticism of others to appear good or strong, ability to help others through self-criticism, self-deprecation, dealing with grief and loss, and feminism in sexual partnership, without rejection or antipathy of males.

Jonathan Dunn links Hylonome to the desire for dangerous thrills or thrill-seeking.

Philip Sedgwick, who has also studied the Centaurs, says that each Centaur has a particular gift of healing, and has this to say about Hylonome:

The feeling of not being able to go on because of a profound emotional loss assigns to [Hylonome]. Yet the ways of healing grief that seems inconsolable becomes her job. Her effort ultimately is to end grief. Grief counseling, shedding or elimination rituals (discarding letters, photos, cleaning closets of a deceased person's clothing) belong to Hylonome.

Hylonome stations seem to indicate an increased desire for acceptance and to conform and/or criticalness of self and/or others, and an increased emotional gradient in a situation(s) according to whatever Hylonome stations upon in the chart.

Some example natives:

Theodore Roosevelt, a noted reformer who created a number of national parks, had Hylonome conjunct Saturn and opposite Chiron.

Pioneering environmentalist John Muir had Hylonome conjunct Pallas, semisquare Pluto, parallel Chiron, and contraparallel Neptune.

Al Gore has Hylonome in the tenth house, semisquare Mercury, sextile Juno, and trine the Moon.

Greenpeace co-founder Bob Hunter (born October 13, 1941, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) had Hylonome sextile Jupiter and opposite the Sun.

PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk has Hylonome semisquare the Sun, sextile Venus and Juno, sesquiquadrate Vesta and quincunx Vesta.

Lois Gibbs (born June 25, 1951), a resident of Niagara Falls, New York's notorious Love Canal neighborhood who blew the whistle on the chemical contamination of her neighborhood, has Hylonome semisquare Mars, sextile Uranus and square Pallas.

Mikhail Gorbachev, who managed to bring about the peaceful breakup of the Soviet Union (not through his own choice) and has worked for environmentalist and other causes since, has Hylonome semisquare Chiron and square Vesta.

Writer Sinclair Lewis, known for such novels as Elmer Gantry and Babbitt that describe narrow-minded and corrupt people of the American heartland, had Hylonome semisquare Mercury and Venus.

Upton Sinclair, author of The Jungle and an avowed socialist, had Hylonome on the Ascendant in the first house, semisquare Mars, sextile Mercury, square the Nodes and trhe Midheaven, opposite Neptune and Ceres, and contraparallel Uranus.

19th-century mental-patient advocate Dorothea Dix (born April 4, 1802, in Hampden, Maine) had Hylonome trine Neptune and Chiron and opposite Ceres.

Brazilian union leader and environmentalist Francisco "Chico" Mendes (born December 15, 1944 in Xapuri, Acre, Brazil) had Hylonome trine the Sun.

Democratic Party chair and Vermont governor Howard Dean, who has pioneered the use of the Internet in political activism, has Hylonome in the tenth house, cusping the eleventh, semisquare the Midheaven and trine Jupiter.

The glyph for Hylonome comes from its provisional designation, 1995DW.

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