Asteroid 14827, Hypnos, was discovered on May 5, 1986, at Palomar Observatory at Pauma Valley, California, by Carolyn S. Shoemaker, and Eugene M. Shoemaker. It was named for the Greek god of sleep and dreams, whose name is the source of the English words "hypnotic", "hypnosis" and "hypnotist." It has a period of 4 years, 247 days.


Astrologically, Hypnos seems to have to do with quietness, tediousness, boredom, being hoodwinked or mesmerized,, and, yes, sleeping or dreaming.

The so-called "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce, who gave medical readings and uttered revelation in a sleeplike state, had Hypnos in the seventh house, trine Juno (the disadvantaged), sesquiquadrate Jupiter (religion, philosophy, higher learning), quindecile Ceres (nurturance) and opposite Vesta (dedication, commitment).

Sleep researcher Jean-Michel Gaillard (born April 20, 1939, in Lausanne, Switzerland) semisquare Chiron (medicine, ingenuity), trine Saturn (work, career, rewards), sesquiquadrate Mercury (thinking, speaking, writing), biquintile Jupiter (academia) and Vesta, and opposite Juno.

Stephen Maier, a victim of the rare narcoleptic disorder Kleine-Levin Syndrome who has started an association for people with the disease, has Hypnos trine Ceres (nurturance), sesquiquadrate Neptune (idealism, illusion, entanglement), quindecile Mars (taking action), and opposite Vesta.

Karen Ann Quinlan, a coma patient who was at the center of a seminal 1970s right-to-die legal case, had Hypnos semisquare Jupiter (the law).

Terri Schiavo of Pinellas Park, Florida became a vegetable after a heart attack resulting from a potassium imbalance in 1993 and landed at the center of a case to Quinlan's in which Florida Governor Jeb Bush and right-wing activists sided with her denial-imprisoned parents against her wishes and the wishes of her husband in violation of the Florida Constitution by forcibly keeping her alive. She has Hypnos quindecile Mars, square Pluto (power ruthlessly exercised) and opposite Vesta.

Mark Anthony Perez, a Florida man convicted of using date-rape drugs to aid him in committing rape, has Hypnos trine Ceres (nurturance) and sesquiquadrate Mars (crime, rape).

Michigan teenager Samantha Reid lapsed into a coma from which she never awakened after taking the club drug GHB. She has Hypnos square Mars (crime).

The opium poppy

Pre-World War II British prime minister Neville Chamberlain, who failed to see Adolf Hitler for what he really was and attempted to appease him, had Hypnos sextile Uranus (liberal viewpoint).

Former con artist turned white-collar crime consultant Frank Abagnale has Hypnos conjunct Pluto (criminality, transformation, reinventing oneself), sextile Neptune (deception) and quincunx Juno (reclaiming one's power).

Bonny Lee Bakley had Hypnos in the seventh house, on the Descendant, decile the Sun (celebrities) and opposite Juno (marriage).

Sara Jane Olson, who spent years hiding her identity as a fugitive from the world, had Hypnos semisquare the North Node (giving out), sesquiquadrate the South Node (taking in), and opposite the Sun (to shine).

Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu used an image as a maverick within the Soviet orbit to conceal flamboyantly deranged and destructive policies from the West. He had Hypnos trine Uranus.

Columbine victim Cassie Bernall escaped a destructive lifestyle by turning to Christianity;her life and, particularly, her death has been willfully misrepresented for propaganda purposes by the Religious Right. She had Hypnos sesquiquadrate Chiron (need to pay attention).

Jeffrey Dahmer, whose mental problems and criminality related to his rejected homosexuality and who was a very successful, silver-tongued predator good at exploiting others' indifference or lack of alertness, had Hypnos in the tenth house, conjunct the Midheaven (reputation, relations with authority) and quincunx Juno (relating).

One of his victims, Konerak Sinthasomphone, fled Dahmer's apartment naked, drugged and bleeding from the anus and was smaller and appeared younger than his 14 years, yet was delivered back into Dahmer's clutches by the police by virtue of their own ineptitude and Dahmer's silver tongue despite the protests of the two young black women who alerted the police to him. This would bear bitter fruit in the form of outrage from the minority community against the police. Konerak Sinthasomphone had Hypnos sextile Venus (righteous indignation).

Fidel Castro, a cunning dictator infamous for his lengthy, soporific writings and speeches as well as for his ability to obtain support from others despite his tyrannous ways, has Hypnos in the eleventh house sextile Neptune and Vesta, square Ceres and trine Jupiter.

The glyph for Hypnos is mine.

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