Asteroid 2365, Interkosmos, was discovered on December 30, 1980 by Zdenka Vavrova at Klet Observatory near Cesky Budovice, Czech Republic, and named for the Soviet-bloc space-exploration organization Interkosmos. It has a period of 4 years, 21 days.

Astrologically, Interkosmos seems to indicate what its name suggests: a bridge between worlds.

Xanana Gusmao, who went from guerrilla soldier in Indonesian-occupied East Timor to president of the country, has Interkosmos in the eleventh house of politics, semisquare Pallas, Odysseus (a long and winding road, strategies) and Thersites (to say no), sextile Augeias (a mess to clean up), square Nessus (predatory), trine 1999 TD10 (invasion, empire, exuberance), quincunx 1994 TA (moral pollution), and opposite Pluto (power, transformation).

Anne Heche, who went from straight to gay and back again, has Interkosmos in the eleventh house, sextile Ixion (bad karma, lust for life, to start over), trine Saturn (career, hard work, consequences) and Thersander (getting one's due), sesquiquadrate Juno (relationships), triseptile the North Node (transcending past conditioning) and opposite 2002 VE95 (qualified benefit).

Hirohito, who went from living god to the mere human being he always was, and from powerful emperor to mere figurehead, yet is still regarded by some as being a direct descendant of the gods of Shintoism, had Interkosmos in the first house, conjunct the Ascendant, sextile Damocles (drastic change, politics, experience of groupthink), quintile Pallas, square Heracles (to strive with), and quadnonagon Juno.

Michael Jackson, who went from impoverished child to entertainment superstar to living sideshow, has Interkosmos in the eighth house, semisextile 2002 VE95 and 1992 QB1 (making a stand), nonile the Midheaven, sesquiquadrate the East Point (how the world sees you), and biquintile Venus (art).

Thanatologist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who successfully promoted the concept of dying with dignity, has Interkosmos in the twelfth house, conjunct Chaos (activism), semisquare Mars and Agamemnon (vicious attacks), sextile Chiron (the wounded healer), trine the Moon and 1999 TD10 (something strange and frightening), sesquiquadrate the Sun, sesquiquadrate/semisquare the Nodal axis (transcendence of the past or the path of least resistance), and triseptile Vesta (dedication) .

Rod Serling had Interkosmos in the fifth house of creativity, conjunct 1999 OX3 (cutting wit, practical knowledge) and the Vertex (significant or fated relationships), sextile Mercury (writing, talking, ideas) and Lilith (the arational), biseptile the Midheaven (career, authority, reputation), trine Thersander (getting one's due), biquintile the Part of Fortune (success, development of the life).

Sara Jane Olson has Interkosmos conjunct Okyrhoe (loyalty to personal needs and beliefs) and Ceres (nurturing, family life), semisextile the Sun and 1992 QB1 (powerful ideas, witnessing, making one's stand), undecimal Pholus (courage before power), nonile Vesta, sextile Hylonome (the cry of the people, pathos) and Varuna (huge), quintile Juno (relationships, giving away one's power), square 1999 OX3 9cut off, practical knowledge and wiles), tredecile Chiron (self-wounding), trine Asbolus (awful experiences), opposite Boucolion (lack of sophistication).

The glyph for Interkosmos is mine.

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