Asteroid 3328, Interposita was discovered on August 21, 1985 by Thomas Schildknecht at Zimmerwald, Switzerland. It has a period of 5 years, 89 days.

Interposita's name (Latin for "interposed") comes from the fact that the discovery photographic film on which the asteroid's image was first detected was exposed hurriedly between two satellite laser ranging sessions in an adjacent observatory dome.

Interposita's astrological meaning seems to be informed by the meaning of its name, that is, it seems to indicate interposition, interference, usurpation.

George W. Bush, who essentially stole the 2000 presidential election, has Interposita in the second house, semisquare Saturn (work, career, rewards and consequences) and sextile the Sun (to shine, to lead).

Al Gore, from whom the presidency was basically stolen in 2000 by partisan judges and Florida elections officials, has Interposita in the seventh house of opponents, semisquare Jupiter (the law, judges), square the Nodes (connections), trine Neptune (defeated, vitiated, confusion), and opposite Pluto (corruption, predation, unprincipled and ruthless behavior).

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took the California governorship in a Republican-organized 2003 recall election, has Interposita in the fourth house, square Pluto, trine Pallas (politics) and biquintile Mars (bold action).

Former California governor Gray Davis, whose lack of personal warmth and charisma as compared to Schwarzenegger more than anything else was probably what cost him his job, has Interposita conjunct Mercury (speaking, writing, ideas, the media).

Richard Reid, a homicidal extremist working for al-Qaeda, attempted to detonate a bomb incorporated into his shoes aboard a Miami-bound plane over the North Atlantic, but was stopped by his fellow passengers, who overpowered him, bound him to his seat with belts, and sedated him until the plane arrived on US soil and he was arrested. He has Interposita square Mercury (transportation) and Saturn (consequences, restrictions).

Terri Schiavo of Pinellas Park, Florida suffered profound brain damage that put her in a vegetative state after experiencing cardiac arrest and did not have a Living Will. Her husband attempted to carry out her wish to die rather than exist in this manner, but was thwarted through the interference of Florida Governor Jeb Bush and certain members of the Florida Legislature, who heeded the wishes of right-to-life groups and her parents, who are pathologically unable to accept the hopelessness of their daughter's prognosis, rather than her and her husband's wishes or the Florida constitution (or the wishes of the majority of Florida's people). Terri Schiavo has Interposita semisquare Ceres (nurturance, family, ability or inability to let go), sextile Chiron (need to be aware), square Jupiter, and trine Uranus.

Jeb Bush has Interposita quintile Saturn and square Venus (values) and Pallas.

Mary Beth Whitehead, a New Jersey woman who in 1985 gave birth to a daughter as a surrogate mother and then fought an unsuccessful legal battle with the parents to keep the girl, has Interposita in the eighth house of legacies, square the Moon (motherhood, the public), trine Mars (aggression), and quincunx Ceres. The case led to the development of guidelines regarding surrogate motherhood to avoid future custody disputes between surrogates and clients.

The girl involved, Melissa Stern, has Interposita in the tenth house on the Midheaven, semisquare Mercury, sextile Vesta (dedication) and trine Ceres. She is reportedly aware of her background and apparently receives regular visits from Whitehead.

Elián Gonzalez became the subject of a ugly politicized international custody dispute between his father in Cuba and relatives in Miami after he was plucked out of the ocean off the coast of Florida in late 1999; his mother had died trying to reach the United States. He was eventually returned to Cuba. He has Interposita trine Saturn (cold reality).

The glyph for Interposita is mine; what I had in mind when I conceived it was somebody (a parent, perhaps) blocking a doorway to deny entry to someone on the outside).

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